Jewelry shop ceiling decoration process knowledge knowledge

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The ceiling of the ceiling in the jewelry shop is one of the most basic decoration items. The quality of its shape and process technology directly determines the level of the overall jewelry shop decoration effect. So what are the requirements and material requirements for ceiling? 1.

Wooden keel ceiling: Wooden keel ceilings are commonly used in jewelery shop decoration. The general process is: 1. Read drawings to fully understand the shape of the drawing 2.

Placing the wood flat, brush the fireproof coatings 3, pop up the ceiling horizontal line on the wall, the horizontal line of the ceilings pops up on the wall And as needed, first fix a few vertical keel on the top. 4. Make a keel frame, which can be nailed first on the ground.

The alien top uses a fine woodwork board to make a model 5. Use a boom to fix the wooden keel and pay attention to pay attention to it. Adjust the level and verticality 6.

Reserve the position of the bottom panel or lamp slot of the lamp seat 7. The wire head is connected by an electrician, and the cut head is left. Find the horizontal point with horizontal pipes, and use the horizontal point of the ink bucket to play the horizontal line; 2.

Light steel keel: wooden keel as a side dragon, the lamp groove position is made of wooden keel or woodworking board. Above, the spacing is 30 cm, and the spacing of the hanging tendons is 60-80 cm. The gypsum board and the plate must be artificially reserved for 5-8 mm gaps.

To deal with, we must be smooth and firm, and the alien shaped should be smooth; 3. Wooden keel: The keel is at least 3*4 or more, the spacing is 30 cm, and the spacing spacing is 60-80 cm. Nail on the top, brush the tight fire paint until you can't see the color of the wooden keel, the keel is covered with a layer of feet and eucalyptus core, and then plaster plates.

, Gypsum plate surface self-attack screws have 1-2 mm and do anti-embroidery treatment. We must be smooth and solid, and the alien must be smooth. The keel spacing is within 50, and the spacing spacing distance is 60-80 cm.

The hands should be light when on the board, so as not to press the plate surface out of the pit. Plastic board: Monanol has a minimum of 3*4 or more, 30 cm spacing, 60-80 cm of the hanging tendons, strict fireproof coatings, and a layer of foot-foot-eucalyptus core nine clocks on the keel. Paste the aluminum-plastic plate, and the aluminum-plastic panel and the plate must reserve a 3-4 mm gap in artificially.

The effect of filling other colors has been prepared to play a compatible effect. The horns should be smooth and not broken. Jewelry store decoration design 2.

Aluminum gusset ceiling process process: 1. According to the pipeline of the ceiling, determine the height of the ceiling, and at this height. 2.

Fix the corner strip of the aluminum gusset along the horizontal line along the horizontal line. At the corner, the corners need to be paired at 45 degrees. 3.

Determine the position of the main keel, eye on the ceiling, and install the hanging tendons. 4. Fix the main keel by using suspenders.

5. The aluminum gusset board is buckled on the main keel (strip -shaped aluminum gusset board into a suitable length) 6. Sitting aluminum gusset.

The mall jewelry display cabinet can learn from the above information that the decoration of the ceiling of the jewelry store needs to be strictly in accordance with the construction standard. At the same time, the ceiling of the specialty store is different from the ceiling of the shopping mall island cabinet. Of course, the shape of the ceiling of the ceiling is closely related to the plane layout of the jewelry display cabinet.

Therefore, the designer needs to control the decoration effect as a whole to provide detailed construction drawings. For more decoration information, please follow http://www.zhanshi888.



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