Jewelry Jewelry Store Lighting System Application Plan

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Jewelry jewelry stores pursue a noble and gorgeous style in decoration; pearls, dazzling and bright in the shop. To make these visual effects stronger and obvious, it is necessary to rely on the appropriate lighting. Due to the precious, exquisite and small volume of jewelry products, due to the consideration of safety and personalized display, it is displayed in the form of jewelry display cabinets and window.

Under the light of light, it shows luxury. The basic lighting of the jewelry store should adopt a medium white light in color temperature, which is compared with the products that are key lighting, making the product more prominent. And the gentle sunlight can also eliminate the tension and strangeness of customers.

Try to use energy -saving downlights for man -reflex lighting, so that customers can have effective visual effects, achieve the purpose of attracting customers to enter the store, and make indoor light harmonious, create a stable trading atmosphere of trading atmosphere. Set up the preset scene in the entire store so that the jewelry window cabinet facing the street can retain local lighting after snoring. Flower language flower blooming jewelry showcase shop window will be displayed in the form of window windows, diamonds, pearl jade and other products in the form of window windows, with high brightness and high color rendering lighting, portraying the delicate craftsmanship of jewelry and high -gloss color.

The lighting of the window uses suspension halogen tungsten lights. According to the different angle and the height of the suspension, the jewelry displayed at different angles emphasizes that the cross overlap of the light source enables the jewelry to reflect and reflect the light from all directions, which produces dazzling eye -catching. Visual impact, stimulate customers to buy desire to buy.

The display cabinet of the six -six -blessing jewelry showcase should use the lighting and energy -saving lamp as the jewelry display cabinet as much as possible. No matter what kind of lighting method, it must be designed in conjunction with the jewelry category displayed in the jewelry display cabinet. Different jewelry requires different lights to cooperate with.

Gold, platinum, silver, diamonds and other jewelry are relatively small, and requires enough brightness to be easy to attract attention.“Flash point”Stimulating customers' eyes; jewelry of pearls, emeralds, crystals and other materials need to highlight the exquisite and clear luster, which is relatively low in brightness requirements. In different jewelry lighting, pay attention to the combination of light color.

Gold can use cold light source lighting; silver should use sunlight lighting. Considering the heat dissipation treatment in the jewelry display cabinet, you can be equipped with LED spotlights and lights with low heat. The lighting design of the Fufang Jewelry Exhibition Cabinet Discussion Area focuses on creating a relaxed communication atmosphere.

The brightness of the light should not be too high, try to use a strong anti -glare lighting appliance. In the way of hanging installation, you can clearly illuminate the expression of the face. The color temperature should not be too high, avoiding the indifferent sense of indifference.

In order to facilitate shopping guide to recommend custom jewelry styles to customers, light should be concentrated on the jewelry display counter. Jewelry Store negotiation area.


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