Jewelry display cabinet flame retardant material selection criteria

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The flame retardant materials on the jewelry show are generally composed of base materials, decentralized medium, flame retardant, auxiliary agent, filling, solvent, etc. What kind of flame retardant materials should be selected in jewelry showcases to meet the requirements of the mall? The base material is the main film formation substance, which includes inorganic adhesives (silicate, phosphate, etc.) and organic adhesives (organic synthetic resin).

Flame retardant is a key component of flame retardant coatings. There are two types of flame retardant coatings: one is sealed paint. This is a polymer with strong combustion resistance.

It forms a sealing protective layer on the surface of the wood. The partition wood is directly contacting the flame, but it cannot prevent the temperature of the wood from rising. When the air in the wood cell gap is heated and expanded, the paint film will be destroyed, and the flame -retardant effect will be lost.

Jewelry display cabinet coat or spray flame retardant substance on the surface of the jewelry display cabinet. This treatment method should not be treated with flame retardant. Because the material is thick, the brushing or spray can only form a meager flame retardant layer on the surface of the wood, which can not achieve the flame retardant effect.

If you handle the single board, through the accumulation, the increase in the amount of medicament can ensure that there is a certain flame retardant effect. For example, the flame retardant treatment of plywood and veneer layers is mostly processed first. In recent years, there have also been mixed with adhesives to achieve flame retardant purpose.

The surface treatment method of jewelry showcases commonly used in jewelry showcases is flame retardant coatings. In addition, the paint film will be aging under the action of environmental factors for a long time, and it is necessary to keep the paint film regularly before it is effective. The other is expansion coatings.

This kind of coating quickly burned before fire, producing a non -combustible gase, and the gas expanded quickly. The jewelry display cabinet form a protective layer on the surface of the wood, making it difficult for the combustible gases formed by the thermal decomposition of the wood. It can not form a flame burning, the flame retardant effect is good.

However, this coating has a poor appearance and must be maintained frequently to maintain effective flame retardant effects. Some expansion coatings are composed of naturally or artificially synthesized polymer polymers, adding foam, foaming agent, carbon source and other flame retardant components. It can form a uniform and dense honeycomb or sponge -shaped charcoal foam layer under the action of flames.

This foam layer not only has a good oxygen barrier, but also has a good thermal insulation effect. This foam is soft and soft, with large plasticity, and high temperature burning is not easy to break. This kind of flame retardant coating is high, but the amount is small.



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