Introduction to the tips for maintenance of tobacco and alcohol showcases

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Introduction to the tips of the maintenance of tobacco and alcohol showcases, Introduction to the use of smoke and alcohol showcases for a long time, it will inevitably get dirty, so at this time it must be maintained. When maintaining the specific situation of the exhibition cabinet. Some exhibition cabinets are painted on the surface, which is easier to stick to dust on it.

Then you can use tea for insurance when you usually maintain it. Dip with a clean cloth dipped in a small amount of tea, and then wipe the surface of the exhibition cabinet on the paint. It soon becomes smooth and bright.

Moreover, the tea itself has a certain effect of sterilization. The wiping of tea can avoid the surface of the exhibition cabinet. Let's introduce other maintenance methods.

If the tobacco and alcohol showcase is made of wood, it is also good to clean it with milk. For example The exhibition cabinet, use milk to wipe the effect of removing the dirt on the surface very well, but remember to wipe it with water after wiping it with milk to avoid leaving milk smell of milk smell outside the exhibition cabinet. The exhibition cabinet on marble or paint can also be wiped with milk.

Beer cleaning showcases are also very good. Big beer can be boiled in the inside, and then stirred the whole, and then cooled naturally. The wooden cabinet made of wood can be wiped in this way.

Things can be cleaned up soon. The effect of white vinegar is also very good. Mix hot water and white vinegar together in the same proportion, and then dip a small amount of white vinegar with a clean cloth.

Wipe it repeatedly in the dirty place. The more precious exhibition cabinet can use this method to clean it. There are some inks on the surface of the showcase or it is difficult to clean when using traditional methods when it is stained.

Then you can quickly clean it with white vinegar. Toothpaste also has this effect. For example, after the exhibition cabinet has been used for a long time, the surface will be yellowed, and a small amount of toothpaste can be wiped with a small amount of toothpaste.

But pay attention to the glass material of the glass material, do not use toothpaste to wipe it, because there are fine powder in the toothpaste. If it is wiped with toothpaste, even glass with a superb bulletproof and blasting function will be due to the friction of the powder of the toothpaste powder. Cause damage.

The tips of the display cabinet are usually analyzed here for everyone. Of course, many other methods can also be cleaned. For example, you can use eggs to clean.

You can also buy a special supporting cleaning agent for cleaning. .


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