Introduction to the commonly used board production of showcases

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The display of the board of the showcases is mainly used for artificial boards, which are affordable and durable. There are many types of artificial boards, and different plates are different. Factors generally choose different board production counters according to the actual requirements of customers.

Let's introduce the performance of different boards one by one: 1: The density board density board is also known as fiber plate. It is made of woody fiber or other plant fibers as raw materials, and the artificial plates made of teloraldehyde resin or other applicable adhesives are applied. According to the different quotas, it is divided into high -density boards, medium density boards, and low -density boards.

Due to the soft and soft impact of the density board, it is also easy to process it. It is a good material for making people private abroad. However, because the national standards for high -density boards are several times lower than that of international standards, the quality of the use of density boards in China in my country is Also to improve jewelery display cabinet 2: Big core board is called fine woodworking board.

The large core board is made of stitching in the middle of the two veneers. The price of the large core board is cheaper than the fine core board. 3: The decorative noodle plate is commonly known as the panel.

It is a meager wooden skin with precision placing solid wood plate into about 0.2mm. The splint is used as a substrate, and a single -sided decorative plate is made by the adhesive process.

It is a special way to exist in the splint, with a thickness of 3mm. Decorative panel is currently a high -grade decoration material that is different from the method of hybrid. 4: The particle plate board plate is a thin plate material made of glue and additive suppression with wood fragmentation.

Pressing method can be divided into squeezing particleboard and flat pressure particleboard. 5: Fireplate fireproof board is the main raw material with silicon materials or calcium materials, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, adhesives and chemical additives. It is a new material that is increasingly used at present, and its use is not just because of fire prevention.

The construction of fireproof boards has high requirements for paste glue, and the price of fireboards with good quality is more expensive than decorative panels. The thickness of the fireplace is generally 0.8mm, 1mm, and 1.

2mm jewelry showcase 6: The plywood row is commonly known as the fine core board, which is suppressed by three or multi -layer 1mm thick single boards or thin plates. It is currently the most commonly used material in hand -made furniture. Plans are generally divided into six specifications of 3 %, 5 %, 9 %, 12 %, 15 %, and 18 %.

7: melamine plate melamine plate, the full name is melamine impregnated rubber film paper decoration surface artificial board. It is soaked in a paper with different colors or textures in a melamine resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of solidification. Decorative plates.

Sanjulamine plate is a kind of wall decoration material. At present, some people use melamine boards to fake compound flooring for ground decoration. This is inappropriate.

8: The gypsum board is made of cooked gypsum as the main raw material and fiber. It has the performance of light, insulation, sound absorption, non -combustion and sawability. The combination of gypsum board and light steel keel (compressed by thin steel), which constitutes many types of light steel keel gypsum board sky flowers, including paper plaster plates and hollow gypsum boards.

There are many specifications on the market. Bayer's plaster board system is a non -inherited wall system composed of Bayer Positioning Panel, Bayer Light Steel keel, Bayer keel accessories, and Bayer's auxiliary materials that have a patent right (patent number: 200620158669.4) With its unique patented design, fast dry construction, and excellent engineering quality, they have been widely designed, constructed, supervised, and construction.

From the current point of view, there are many partition walls using light steel keel gypsum board. There are fewer jewelry counters for smallpox. Technology wood is processed by imported wood by high -tech treatment.

It is characterized by excellent visits, complete colors, and variety of varieties. It is suitable for indoor decoration. The above board will be used in the actual materials made of the showcase.

For example, the jewelry display cabinet will choose a density board+decorative panel, or the large core plate+decorative panel and other solutions. Selecting specific materials Welcome to customers to come to Shenzhen's most professional showcase production plant——Company consultation!.


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