Installation Guidance Principles of the Shopping Mall display cabinet

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

For many installed staff, the installation knowledge of the shopping mall display cabinet is not complete. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles on site installation, Xiaobian summarizes the following points of the on -site installation principles of the display cabinet on display cabinets in combination with many years of experience. Stainless steel jewelry showcases 1.

Jewelry showcase installation construction quality requirements are flat, straight, straight, fixed, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, clean and tidy. 2. The varieties, quality, color, and specifications of various structural modeling should meet the design requirements.

Structural stitching surfaces should be flat, neat edges, and no warpan; stainless steel plate should be flat, no cracks and wrinkles, consistent colors, neat corners, uniform coating thickness thickness, uniform coating film thickness. 3. In the case of a matrix with inlaid stickers and installation boards, it should have sufficient strength, stability, and stiffness.

The surface quality should comply with relevant regulations. 4. The installation of the shopping mall display cabinet is equipped with a natural rubber wiring or metal wiring slot.

The installation must be beautiful, firm, and reasonable. 5. The split structure of the shopping mall display cabinet must be installed and inlaid must be firm, non -skewed, lack of angular angle and cracks; the surface of the paint showcase should be flat, clean, colorless, colorless, pan -alkali, orange peel, stains, and significant significant The luster is damaged; the seams of the fireproof board should be dense, straight, wide and wide, and the color is consistent.

6. The connecting parts installed with stainless steel plates and metal plate slots in the jewelry display cabinet must be firm. The surface should be processed on the surface.

Before the fixed skeleton is installed, rust should be performed first, and the installation location should be accurate. Cartier jewelry showcase 7. Reserve dry, ventilated, and covered places at the installation site store compound plywood, granite slate material and bonding agent, and minimize the handling, pay attention to safety fire prevention, the fire extinguisher at the installation site must be a fire extinguisher at the installation site.

8. After the on -site installation is completed, it is necessary to clean and clean the mall display cabinet to reach the normal business state. In addition to the above points of installation principles, manufacturers must coordinate the specific requirements for on -site installation with the customer and the mall management office before the installation of the jewelry display cabinet, such as the brand requirements of the wires, switches, and distribution boxes, whether the welding is tin welding, etc.

Wait, make preparations in advance to allow the installation of the shopping cabinet of the mall can be completed smoothly. .


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