Insects and anticorrosive treatment of solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The problem of solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets causes a headache for many people, which has a certain relationship with its material. It is important to take some measures to prevent insects. Let me introduce you.

1. Painted paint, use tung oil, worm gum or varnish to brush on the surface of the wooden cabinet, isolate the moth and the air to achieve the purpose of preventing the moth. It should be noted that when painted, the front and rear surfaces of the wooden cabinet should be painted evenly.

2. Put the wooden cabinet that has been eaten by the bugs on the sunny days, and brush all the wooden cabinets with a cotton yarn with a brush or dipped diesel. After drying for two or three hours, apply it again, and then dry it until I see the worm dying in the cave.

Then wash it with a laundry powder and dry it. 3. Try not to put the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet in the place where direct sunlight.

The placement time is too long, it is easy to fade or even fall off, away from the air conditioner and heater. If there are rooms with air -conditioning, you should raise a few pots of flowers or go to the fish tank to see the indoor temperature to avoid absorbing water on the Chinese medicine cabinet. 4.

Put the items on the Chinese medicine cabinet with a soft film, and put it in the vertical direction to avoid damage to the surface of the Chinese medicine cabinet. When cleaning normally, pay special attention to wipe the solid wood Chinese medicine cabinet with clean and soft rags, and prohibit the use of sharp items to reduce the damage and gaps in the Chinese medicine cabinet. The anticorrosive treatment process of solid wood Chinese medicine cabinet: 1.

Natural air dry. The actual use of solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets requires air -dry. 2.

High temperature qualitative analysis. At high temperature, preservatives will continue to penetrate as uniformly as possible in the wood of solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets. The effective component of preservatives and the chemical reaction process between starch, cellulose and sugar in the wood will continue, thereby further destroying bacteria The living environment of insects.

3. Vacuum high pressure immersion. This is the key step of anticorrosive treatment.

First of all, the physical process of adding preservatives to the wooden Chinese medicine cabinet has completed the chemical response process of some effective ingredients and starch, cellulose, and sugar in the preservatives, and destroyed the living environment of rotten bacteria and insects that caused rotten bacteria and insects. , Effectively improved the outdoor anticorrosive performance of wood. .


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