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The museum showcase is the guardian of the cultural relics in the museum and a bridge between the cultural relics and the audience. We define the museum showcase as "in a certain space, based on protecting the cultural relics, according to the museum's certain theme, sequence and art form combination, to conduct intuitive education, disseminate cultural scientific information, and provide auxiliary equipment for aesthetic appreciation. "This definition shows the basic status and role of" things "(cultural relics) and" people "(audience) in the display.

The combination of the selection and display art form of the showcase is more affected by the museum environment and micro -environment, time and designer. Therefore, there are several relationships in the design of the showcase: the relationship between people and cultural relics, the relationship between the showcase and the environment, the relationship between the cultural relics and the environment, etc. 1.

The relationship between people and cultural relics In the actual work of the museum showcase, how to deal with the relationship between the relationship between people and cultural relics at any time. In a sense, an important issue in the development history of the entire museum is to advance in the relationship between people and cultural relics. "Things" refers to all the cultural relics displayed and stored in the museum, which is the most basic element in the museum; "people" refers to the use of the museum, including the audience and museum staff in the museum.

The combination of "people" and "things" evolved the various activities of museums, and played the social functions of the museum. To deal with the relationship between people and things, we must correctly understand the two levels of the basic status of the showcase in the showcase design and the relationship between the relationship between the cultural relics and the audience. Cultural relic display is the basis of the design of the showcase.

The museum showcase is not only a role in protecting cultural relics in the relationship between people and cultural relics, but also to help the audience appreciate the cultural relics on the basis of protecting cultural relics and maximize the characteristics of cultural relics characteristics. The distance between the audience and the cultural relics is the museum space and the glass cabinet glass. The choice of display cabinet glass directly affects the effect of cultural relics protection and display.

We insist on the use of mezzanine glass to prevent the use of single -layer floating glass or tempered glass. They are easily broken, and they will cause damage to exhibits, audiences and staff after crushing. The PVB layer in the middle of the mezzanine can keep the glass still maintain a complete structure when it is broken, and it also has anti -penetration performance.

At the same time, the mezzanine glass can filter 99%of the light in the light of the light in the display cabinet with a wavelength of 280 ~ 380nm, so that the cultural relics seen by the audience through the glass of the showcase can also maintain its original appearance. 2. When the relationship between people, showcases and environment is designed to design the museum showcase, our designers often use time and space as architecture to display the relevant context between exhibits.

The influence is obvious. Since the establishment of the museum, different historical periods, different regions and environments, the content of the cultural relics displayed by the museum, the way of displaying cultural relics, the effects and concepts after displaying cultural relics are different. Therefore.

The display design of the museum should reflect the concept of time and space. At the same time, the museum showcase design should combine the museum environment and cultural relics characteristics, and it must also reflect the concept of time and space. It is necessary to combine the showcase with the natural environment and the social environment.

Let the audience learn in the natural environment while appreciating the cultural relics through the showcase. Let the audience grow in social interaction, so as to combine people and exhibition cabinets with the environment,. Third, the design of the relationship between the cultural relics and the environment not only reflects the historicity of cultural relics and artistic appeal, but also protects the cultural relics in the museum's environment and the micro -environment in the showcase.

Light control, constant temperature and humidity control, material selection of display cabinets, etc. These are the scope of our design and production showcase. Lighting control performance: No matter what kind of lighting method is adopted, we must meet the requirements of the "Museum Lighting Design Specification".

Create scope, highlight exhibits, and take into account the lighting of auxiliary items. Covering out of optical electricity, regulatory illumination and angle, filter infrared light, ultraviolet rays, and heat to prevent damage to cultural relics. Each cultural relics have different requirements for humidity and temperature.

There are many types of cultural relics in a museum. High temperature and humidity requirements. We use EBC high -precision electronic constant humidity machines to accurately control the temperature and humidity of Chen Lei required by different types of cultural relics.

At the same time, on the basis of hidden installation, it does not affect the function, and. For the materials of the showcase, we not only adopt a new design solution and opening technology, but at the same time, in order to show the profile style, we have developed a new electric lifting opening mode in order to use the border of the showcase to be invisible and high -quality sheet metal process, and the sheet metal process, and the sheet metal process, and the sheet metal process, and the sheet metal process. Welding process, glass bonding process, etc.

Make the showcase design more perfect. .


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