Identify the difference between painting and spray paint in the showcase

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

At present, the exhibition cabinet production industry has two types: paint and paint paint. The effects of the two processes have different costs. It is difficult for consumers to lack professional knowledge.

It is difficult to identify whether the display cabinet is made with paint or paint. Some bad merchants will tell the spray paint as a paint to blind consumers. The following is a professional Shenzhen showcase factory combined with its years of production experience to teach you how to distinguish the difference between paint and spray paint.

Jewelry display cabinet I. Crafts: Every time the display cabinet is made of paint, A baking paint: three times on the base material, four times face paint. They are delivered to the dust -free warm roasting room, baked, and then sprayed on it.

B spray paint: the substrate is grinding on the substrate, dry naturally. Second, paint film. Whether it is smooth and voucher; observe the color of the edges and corners, and practice: touch the four sides of the paint on the door panel with your hands, whether it is the same as the door panel color.

Full color. Comparison: A baking: smooth edges and corners, the same color. Prove that the paint film is uniform.

The color is lighter than the door panel; it proves that the paint film is uneven, B spray paint: the edges and corners are rough, the color is not full. Three, lines. Look at the surface of the grilled paint door, method: Contrast light, whether there is orange peel phenomenon.

No texture, orange peel phenomenon. Comparison: A baking: the door panel is smooth. Not smooth, B spray paint: the door panel has a pattern on the outside, there is orange peel phenomenon.

Jewelry shop design 4. appearance. Are there dust particles and bubbles?.

Method: touch the surface of the paint door with your hands. A baking paint: the door panel is flat, smooth, not smooth, B spray paint: the door panel has particles on the outside. Touch with different sensations.

Five, wear resistance. Method: hit with hard objects. Comparison: no damage to the paint film.

A baking paint: no abnormal situation. Severe paint film falls off, B spray paint: there are cracks, drop white skin. When consumers make a showcase, in addition to listening to the manufacturer's introduction, it is best to go to the workshop if you have time, and identify whether the showcase is made by the above method.

There is also a comparison price, the cost of paint is more than 2 times that of spray paint. The scale of the factory can also see whether there is a standard lacquer room. The cost of a qualified paint room is very high, and the small factory has no strength to have.



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