How to view the safety of the museum showcase

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The museum is a display of history and art. The main display is the objects and deeds of history or the artwork with art and aesthetics. Whether it is China or foreign countries, the museum has always used historical and cultural products treasured and displayed in the museum.

Through the display of the public, it provides the public with the historical and cultural education of appreciation and education. The most important thing for the museum exhibition cabinet effect map Museum exhibition cabinet museum is the displayed products and safety prevention. The historical and cultural products on display are the soul of the museum, and safety is the best guarantee for the museum.

As the two most important parts of the museum's safety: personnel safety and display cabinet safety, they play an extremely important function in the museum's security. The safety of personnel is very simple. As long as the number of personnel is appropriate, the reasonable inspection time schedule, coupled with modern anti -theft tools, there are very few problems in personnel.

Because the safety performance of modern museum showcases is very superb. Modern museum showcases have certain physical stability performance, and can withstand sufficient load. Several people in the museum showcases are displayed, so the exhibition cabinet must be placed in the exhibition.

Because the general museum showcases will display different products, and the volume of some products is very large, so when the showcase is produced, it must Find to bear a certain weight. The use material of the cabinet of the museum showcase must be strong and durable. The support board of the showcase must be fixed.

If there is a fixed card, the showcase can be fixed to firm. Because the average museum can be viewed close to the viewing, not a few meters apart from a distance, so sometimes visitors will touch or collide. If the museum exhibition cabinet is not firm, the visitors fall into it.

The showcase is broken, which affects the exhibits in the showcase. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the showcase will not cause harm to the audience and staff. Museum showcases should be fire prevention and theft.

This is the most important feature of the showcase. Museum exhibitions are generally historic products or very valuable artworks, and the value is very expensive. So many times the news of the thieves and robbers, the news of the museum exhibits has occurred from time to time, so the museum showcases should have a strong anti -theft function.

The general showcases are used to install anti -theft glass to prevent theft, but as high -value exhibits, the anti -theft of the showcase has achieved the extreme. Safety equipment is the most effective security measures today. .


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