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Many people may not have thought about the use of museum showcases, so let Xiaobian take everyone to learn more about it today! For the museum showcase, the opening mechanism is invisible. When the display cabinet is completely closed, the traces of the opening mechanism cannot be seen from the appearance of the display cabinet. All opening systems are specially customized by high -intensity, abrasion -resistant special materials and accessories.

The opening system adopts humanized design, even if it is a large showcase, it can ensure its safety, protection, stability and operability. Desktop cabinet wireless remote control lift can open the lower box of the display cabinet. Improve the system installation inside the cabinet.

The power of the lifting system is electric drive, and the glass lid of the showcase controls the system through the wireless terminal control system. Raise holes to be suitable for desktop cabinets with five -sided glass lid or independent cabinet with five -sided glass. Desktop cabinet-manual hinge opens the entire glass lid structure of the desktop cabinet of the table cabinet to open up and down through the hinge opening mechanism.

The opening height is usually the same as the glass lid height. Both sides are equipped with invisible hydraulic spring to support the weight of and decentralized glass lids to ensure exhibits. And the operator is safe.

The wall cabinet -type wireless remote control can rotate and translate to open the lower cabinet of the showcase, and install the electric drive system inside the cabinet. The display cabinet is made of high -quality cold -rolled steel plates. The steel plate is made of professional equipment such as shearing, slotting, stamping, ramping, and bending, and then connected to the keel through gas protection welding.

It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, smoothness, strong impact resistance, no deformation, strong durability. It is in line with GB13237-1991, and the length width after spraying is ¡À 1mm; the deviation of the diagonal line after spraying is ¡À. On the surface, static fluorocarbon spraying process can be used for electronic coloring according to user requirements.

It has the characteristics of beautifying the display cabinet, resistant to corrosion, friction, weather resistance, impact resistance, anti -aging and smooth appearance. The gloss of the powder sprayed is not greater than 30, which meets the requirements. Introduction to the museum show.

Museum shelves | mainly consisting of nine parts: track, frame, chassis, panel, door panel, directory card and transmission device, anti -pendant and sealing device. In order to get better results, you need to pay attention to some skills when using. First, the transparent or color tape is appropriately selected as the seal combination of the rotating doors and window frames of the colotted parts of the colotted part of the compact bracket of the bottom plate, the bottom plate, the layer and the frame node.

The node of the museum dense shelf not only needs to be pasted and closed flexibly, but also pay attention to the cooperation with the appearance and the dense shelf. Secondly, the ground sliding rail groove of the museum dense rack also needs to be kept clean, and there should not be any debris to prevent the nails and small clips from falling into the floor slide groove and hinder the normal movement of the dense rack. Therefore, when mobile dense racks, regular cleaning guide grooves need to be kept unobstructed.

In addition, the two ends of the museum's exhibit collection frame are sealed by double -rotating rubber bands. There are harmful gases such as formaldehyde volatilization in the display cabinet. On the one hand, more doors and windows should be opened.

On the other hand, you can also put green plants with adsorption and purification function (such as spider plants and aloe vera) at home. When the situation is serious, it is recommended to use formaldehyde catcher, catalyst product, air filter device or activated carbon for pollution control. Multi -functional air purification device can also be used in a comprehensive purification of various pollutants in the air in the room.

Ventilation: During the rainy days, close the doors and windows facing south or southeast (that is, the upper wind), and only open the doors and windows in the direction of the wind to reduce the water vapor that enters the indoor. When the weather turns clear, you can open all doors and windows to accelerate the evaporation of water. Air conditioning: The easier way to prevent the humidity in the room is to use the dehumidifier or turn on the air conditioner from time to time to absorb water from the air.

The air conditioner is not only used to adjust the indoor temperature, keeps warm in winter, and cools in summer, but also can be used as a "dryer" to prevent the wet seasonal clothes and furniture humid, humid, moldy, moldy and moldy. As a result, the exhibition space of the construction of the museum exhibition cabinet is not suitable for museum exhibitions. Due to the lack of good performance stage.

Many exhibition products that need to be emphasized will be distorted or abandoned, which will inevitably affect the quality of the exhibition seriously. In recent years, many cities in my country have added investment in the construction of museums and cultural centers. However, there are not many successful museum display.

In most places, there are not many visitors during the exhibition. Why is our exhibition unsuccessful? For the cabinet custom industry, this involves both professional and technical issues, management and operating issues, and of course system factors. We should fully consider various details of spatial planning and design, form concepts and design, exhibition cabinet production and exhibition control in accordance with the general rules of the museum exhibition cabinet project and the common problems of the museum exhibition cabinet project.

In the process of using museum cabinets.


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