How to understand the high -end atmosphere of the design of jewelry showcases

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In the mall, we seem to see various showcases everywhere, such as jewelry showcases, cosmetics showcases, mobile phone showcases, clothing showcases, etc. Among them, the jewelry showcases are more common. Add glass cabinets to design and produce, and the exhibition cabinet must be used to use stainless steel materials.

This is not only to increase the beauty of the jewelry showcase, but also to enhance the grade of the jewelry showcase. This is inseparable from the craftsmanship of the stainless steel edge. Because the general showcase factories can produce showcases, not all the showcases can make perfect stainless steel babies edge counters.

How to deal with stainless steel jewelry showcases? In fact, the edges of the common jewelry showcases in our daily life include skirting stainless steel, glass cover stainless steel, and stainless steel at the counter. Because we can often judge the quality of a display cabinet factory according to the details of the stainless steel edge. If the details of the edge details are treated with rough and chaotic creation, it will not only affect the visual appearance of the showcase, but also the maintenance of the showcase's maintenance.

At present, the edge of the showcase on the market can basically not affect the overall aesthetics and structural security, but for some details that involve local aesthetics, not much considering. Just as the saying goes, "people rely on a face, a tree rely on a leather", and strive to excel in the details of the details can we have a place in the fierce competition market. Generally speaking, the materials selected by stainless steel are two types of materials.

One is finished profiles. The materials of large display cabinet factories are complete and there are many types of finished products. The other is homemade profiles.

The display cabinet manufacturers with complete equipment and strict processes can often be produced according to the production cycle. Design and manufacturing. In addition, the edge of the edge is also a problem that cannot be ignored.

It often reflects the level of the process of a factory, because the details of the edge of the edge are equivalent to doing the overall showcase project. Zhuohui display showcase reminds the majority of production peers to make a perfect and high -end stainless steel jewelry showcase, and the details of the edges must not be ignored. Many customers ask our designers to design the high -end atmosphere of the product display cabinet.

How can it be considered a high -end atmosphere? How can we express the display cabinet in the design and production process? I believe this is also the effect that every custom customer wants. High -grade atmosphere is a feeling of momentum. If the high -end atmosphere of making my product is generally said, it is true that the customer will feel that the headache does not know why.

If you don't talk about these requirements is reasonable or unreasonable, what you need to solve here is how to face the so -called "high -end atmosphere" of customers. The atmosphere is actually a kind of momentum to the customer. As for what the momentum is, it is not easy to use the words to describe what kind of picture is.

Flexible and so on, what we have to do is to show some kind of momentum. The point is how to show this momentum? The more commonly used expression methods in the design of the display cabinet are the following: 1. Through the comparison.

On the fixed or limited display, to show the atmosphere, you must use the pseudo -creation of the atmosphere. This is to fake the big momentum with a small element to compare with a small element. For example, when we display the cabinet, the use of color can be used in small -scale colors and a large area of ​​a large area.

Through comparison of small pieces of elements, the overall large manifestation. 2. It is also important to make source materials.

It is said that the sea is very large. Why does the water in the pond and the water in the sea give people a different momentum? Therefore, when the display cabinet is made, the effect and texture of the middle fiber plate and the solid wood are really different. Many people think that high -end atmosphere is to be international, imitating some things in the West, and even eclectic differential.

In fact, if you talk about this problem from design, this requirement is basically tortured by the designer. What high -end atmosphere exists, you should try to avoid fancy and false design. The content and form are complementary.

The design is a simple thinking. .


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