How to think of the museum showcases have an impact on the exhibits

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Is the museum showcase that affects the exhibits? The museum is a good place for people to go free. We can learn history and culture in the museum, appreciate art products. The collections in the museum are very historic and cultural.

Each product is the crystallization of the wisdom of our ancestors, the treasure of art, and the priceless treasure. Different history and art products have different requirements for the storage environment. Does the general museum showcase affect the storage of these artworks? Indeed, museum exhibits with different materials and history have the requirements for the museum showcases.

Some requirements for temperature and humidity, and some are required to be clear and sealed. Museum showcase effect pictures different temperature and humidity have fatal consequences for art products, such as Chinese antiques: bronze and iron, all of which cannot be placed in a place where humidity is heavy. This requires that our museum showcases cannot Wet.

In the case of ordering and using such exhibitions, the museum needs to install a constant temperature and humidity system in the showcase. This system is both environmentally friendly and safe, not only small noise, small size, but also low energy. The temperature and humidity in the display cabinet can be set by the user by themselves, simple and effective.

Some museum showcases are displayed by easily corrupted, rotten and easy to be eroded by chemicals, which requires the showcase to maintain a fast state, so that bacteria and microorganisms cannot survive and reproduce. The museum showcase can install a sealing system in the showcase, so that it has a high degree of closedability, and it can also keep the air in the air inside the exhibition cabinet exchanged every 24 hours to avoid the microorganism and pollutant erosion exhibits in the air. Provide strict environmental requirements for high -level exhibition products or special exhibition products.

Many precious historical and cultural products are very fragile, and many exhibition products have strict requirements on light. Ordinary lamps contain infrared or ultraviolet rays. These infrared and ultraviolet rays have a fatal effect on precious exhibition products.

So we are adjusting the lighting system for the museum showcases that need to be exhibited precious and easy to be affected by lighting. Choose high safety, no charging, no heat, small volume, good installation, no infrared or ultraviolet radiation, can be installed in various places for replacement, good maintenance, and the color and texture of different cultural relics can be most suitable for the color and texture of different cultural relics. Lighting adjustment.

It plays the best role in protecting cultural relics. The exhibition of the museum exhibition is precious and worthy of our cherish and love!.


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