How to reflect the effect in the real space of the jewelry display cabinet

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The phenomenon of the jewelry display cabinet is under the influence of the effects of natural and human environmental factors in the jewelry shop. The sense of the body scene is reflected in the visual space that constitutes the characteristics of the shop phenomenon, and transformed into a specific speech of the plan. The phenomenon of the jewelry display cabinet has a complicated inner, and it is difficult to change the model in the counter space.

Because the organization of the space is not only in a single space, but a multi -space organization and connection. Different spaces build a large space in the large space and have different functional use conditions and different style characteristics. This is difficult, but also the place where the plan is planned to be resolved and the place where its charm is expressed.

The phenomenon of jewelry display cabinets here is the concept of environmental art expression. Its artistic expression method is not the same as time art such as music, nor the space art such as painting; Instead, the four -dimensional generalization art that integrates time and space art is a four -dimensional general art. Simply put, this method of artistic expression is the artistic air in the exhibition hall.

Specifically, the artistic performance of the jewelry display cabinet depends on the interface, the general effects of decoration and the decoration and items are expressed. This artistic air that constitutes space for space phenomena is like a bottle of perfume that opens the lid. The exhibition hall overflows like that.

Jewelry store design In the design and production of display cabinets, the space entity is mainly the interface of construction, followed by utensils such as home private and equipment. These are static entities. The effect of the interface is a different visual perception of people composed of people in the exhibition hall activities, so the artistic expression of the interface is completed in one -sided time of individual people.

Furniture and equipment directly contact the human body in a different time, so as to end the artistic performance in various different practices, and finally end the function of the jewelry exhibition hall. Here, the interface in the jewelry store is equivalent to the stage, and the furnishings are equivalent to props. Human activities are equivalent to actors.

The three of them complement each other and complement each other. In summary of stainless steel jewelry showcases, the phenomenon of the jewelry exhibition hall can be attributed to two categories, one is the static phenomenon of the jewelry display cabinet; the other is the dynamic phenomenon of time. The static phenomenon such as interface and items can be grasped with significant artistic performance through learning.

All the graphics plans and methods of learning the jewelry showcase exhibition hall are almost used for this kind of performance. In addition to human activities, dynamic phenomena also contain light and shadow , Sound, smell and other environmental factors. These dynamic phenomena all have significant time characteristics, that is, the so -called time transit moving.

All space air in the room is basically controlled by dynamic phenomena. This kind of space and air composed of dynamic phenomena cannot be expressed in east -western language. As a planner, as long as the plan, you only need to use practical experience to think of the actual effect.

This kind of imagination for not knowing time and space is also a planned speech. It is a characteristic of understanding to a certain degree of height, followed by imagination. Therefore, touching the days and the plan of the plan are also the process of planning to accumulate the plan.


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