How to perfectly design personalized jewelry showcases

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

What kind of jewelry arrangement and arrangement can reflect their unique personality. It can be seen from these aspects that the design of the showcase is combined with the product. Whether the layout of the cash register is unique.

So how can we perfectly design their own style of jewelry shops. At the same time, how many types of jewelry showcases in the store are divided into several types? Let's take you to understand. Jewelry display cabinet first and the setting of the jewelry store cashier: the cashier is a must -have for each jewelry shop, or every shop must be arranged, one is the store exit, the second is the center of the store, and the third is different divisions.

There are multiple cash registers in the space; different functional functionality is reflected according to different layout methods, but at the same time, the cashier function, color increase function, and release function are mainly. Second, high cabinet: High cabinet is also called a vertical cabinet, which is one of the display cabinets. The space position in the jewelry show is generally leaning on the wall.

There are many styles of styles. Of course, different arrangements are made according to jewelry products. Jewelry standing cabinets generally need to pay attention to the ventilation port, fire door and other equipment in the layout of the store.

Jewelry showcases III, Flowing Table: Flowing platforms are generally in the space formed by the high cabinet and cash register of the store. Most materials are paint and stainless steel feet. At the same time, some special boutique cabinets are made of stainless steel and acrylic.

Jewelry When the store is not set up, the assembly platform will take into account the function of the window to attract customers to enter the store. There is also the function of the streaming platform also the function. Fourth, Jewelry Nakajima Cabinet: Jewelry Nakajima Cabinet is a typical example of increasing space while increasing the display level.

Nakajima cabinets are generally in the middle of the physical cabinet, similar to the middle“The hollowing up "increased space is the same reason, and it is necessary to consider its role. Between two cm, you can make two high and low cabinets, which is conducive to display. If it is a special sale cabinet, you can make a shelf.

The design and production institute noticed that only the creation of the atmosphere of the store, the design trend and the establishment of the brand image. Especially in terms of high -end jewelry showcases and cosmetics showcases, only the shops with their own style stand out in the trip. attract customers.


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