How to make a museum cultural relic display cabinet?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

How to better design the museum showcases in my country these years, many cities in China have increased their investment in the construction of museums and cultural museums, but there are not many successful museum showcases. In most places, there are not many audiences, and they have not obtained expectations in social reflections. Expectation.

Why is our exhibition not succeed? This has both professional and technical issues, management operations, and of course. 那么,我们该怎么做才能建立好博物馆展柜呢?根据博物馆文物展柜工程的一般规律,以及在博物馆展柜工程中常见的问题,我想还有下面的三个问题:博物馆展柜1、展示空间规划与Designed in the production of museum showcases, people often have the external form of the showcase, and the display space does not plan a deeply consideration according to the type and performance of the exhibition. Due to the lack of a good performance stage, many exhibition items that should have been rendered performance were forced to distort or abandon, which will inevitably affect the quality of the exhibition.

In order to ensure the exhibition effect of the museum exhibition, according to the category and performance methods of the exhibition, we should carefully plan and design the display space. 2. In the form of cultural relics showcases, we must pay special attention to this point: What are the level of design projects that have been completed before; have you done similar design projects; whether you have done a good design project; the degree of understanding of the theme and content of this exhibition, etc.

In addition, pay attention to the difference between the design agency and the designer. As far as the design of the exhibition is concerned, designers are more important than design institutions. Because, although some design agencies are old, the main designers have left; although some design agencies are young, the main designers are experienced.

In terms of formal design, the goal that the museum wants to choose is designers with successful experience, not design institutions. 3. The design and form design of the showcase production and exhibition control showcases are not enough.

The success of the exhibition must be implemented in the end. Therefore, choosing an institution with successful experience to undertake the production and exhibition of the exhibition is another very important link. With the development of the museum's cultural relic showcase engineering market, many domestic furniture showcase companies have begun to pour into the museum exhibition engineering market.

my country has not yet established an exhibition engineering enterprise qualification certification system at the museum exhibition engineering market. In this case, the museum exhibition engineering market It can be described as mixed fish and dragons, and the situation is chaotic. The experience of these years tells us that if you do not add identification, the exhibition engineering has been mistakenly entrusted to the institution that has never been a museum exhibition, so you can imagine what the consequences of the entire exhibition project will be like! In these years, similar phenomena will have similar phenomena from time to time.

It happened, including the exhibitions of several provincial -level pavilions also encountered. Therefore, if you want to do a good job of the museum's cultural relics, you must avoid the aspects mentioned above.


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