How to judge good or bad in the cake display cabinet

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The cake display cabinet is not only a big expenditure for the cake room owner to open a store, but also an important item that directly affects the entire store style grade. When the cake shop owners are selected for the cake shop showcase, they often go to the manufacturer of production to inspect. Although the boss went in person, there were still dazed when observing the cake shop showcase.

Today, I will tell you how to judge the performance of the cake shop showcase ~ 1. Give customers a comfortable and quiet atmosphere. Pay attention to the compressor of the cake shop on the cake shop showcase.

Topping and noise, but noise cannot be higher than 45 decibels. So even in a quiet environment, you can only hear the slight buzzing of the compressor. At about one meter from the display cabinet, you should not hear the sound.

Touch the cabinet with your hands. vibration. Second, the temperature distribution of the cake shop showcase should be uniform.

The temperature distribution of the cake shop showcase should be uniform. The distribution of the temperature should meet the temperature requirements specified in the manual. Put the cooling, and then check the partial temperature distribution situation.

Third, the cake shop showcase does not have frost in a certain part of a certain part of the standard cake shop showcase that can determine its good or bad, so due to the requirements of its manufacturing process, there are no evaporation tubes in some parts. The showcase is also normal. And because the temperature in the cake shop showcase is gradually transmitted to various positions, it will reach the balance state after a period of time, so frosting cannot be used as a basis for judging the cold effect of the cake shop showcase.

Fourth, the door of the cake shop showcase should pay attention to checking the door of the cake shop showcase is relatively frequent. If it is not carefully selected, then it is easy to have problems after a long time, so pay attention to the cake shop when choosing. The performance of the showcase door.

The door of the cake showcase has a certain magnetic force, and it needs to be pulled away slightly. When the door is close, when the cabinet door is close to the door frame, the attractiveness of the magnetic stripe will automatically close the cabinet door, and there is no gap in gaps. A good cake shop showcase is an important hardware facility for the development of the store in the future.

If you choose it, you can not only extend the service life of the cake shop showcase, but also have a lot of help for the cake shop performance steadily.


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