How to improve the visual attraction of jewelry showcases

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Jewelry showcases are usually exposed to more contact, so the key to the design of jewelry showcases is to depend on whether they can attract consumers. Good showcase design should have a strong visual attractiveness. Generate hobbies and directly deepen the audience's recognition and memory of the exhibitors.

So what problems need to pay attention to in the design and production process of jewelry showcases? Jewelry shop design 1. The basic shape of the touching jewelry showcase is the skeleton of the entire booth. It is the key to the effect of a showcase design.

important. According to the survey, the first impression of visitors to the exhibitors always comes from the design exterior of the booth. This impression may last for a long time, which directly affects the attitude and behavior of the visitors to the exhibitors, affects the exhibition effect.

At present, some booths are set up in large -scale booths. The designer uses the graphic part of the corporate logo as the basic modeling element, which is abstracted, summarized, and three -dimensional. The design effect of its own characteristics.

This treatment not only highlights the visual effect, attracts the attention of the audience, but also helps the audience deepen the memory of the enterprise. To“color”In the form of artistic expression, seductive colors are the psychology that is easy to infect people and causes it to produce“Good, evil”Judgment. The target of the jewelry showcase is the audience, and the designer should think of the audience from all aspects to make the audience produce“it is good”The feeling, color is no exception.

Color design is a key part of the design of jewelry showcases and an important factor in success or failure. How to reflect exhibits, how to attract the audience, and how to vote for their emotional resonance is worthy of careful consideration and grasp of the designer. The color design considers factors such as the exhibition time (season), the location of the exhibition, and the lighting of lighting, and considering the enterprise and exhibits, the color should be selected according to the exhibits.

Because visitors often associate the exhibits with a specific color, the two match the two, and use the colors to decorate the booth to express the exhibits.“Logic”It feels helpful to memory. On the contrary, if the color and the exhibits are severely disconnected, the two are not supported, and the hard memory of the audience requires hardships.

It is unrealistic. Jewelry showcases using the standard colors in the corporate logo and its approximate color can easily solve the above problems. 3.

The graphics and texts in words mainly refer to the text description, illustration, and photo background. It has the same important role as exhibits, especially in the design of some small exhibits, the importance of graphics is prominent. It plays a role in conveying corporate product -related information to the audience and prompting it to impress it.

Designers in the design and production of jewelry showcases always use various means to increase the intensity of transmitting information, mainly to achieve direct, simple, easy -to -understand, easy -to -recognize, and easy to memory. In the specific design, the graphic size and orientation should be determined according to the location of the booth and the direction of the visitors. Needs here“Open the door to see the mountain”The effect of the effect, not the expression of the borrowing.

It takes the audience to spend a certain time and energy to infer which company and what product it is unwise.


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