How to improve innovation in domestic showcases

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The design capabilities of Chinese shopping mall showcases are far behind from foreign countries. It is because China ’s law in maintaining original knowledge is not perfect. Many of the domestic exhibitors in China are fully capable of designing original showcases.

The main good original showcases come out. Many small display cabinets in China have begun Mold. The showcase market is too chaotic, fish dragon mixed.

To change the current situation, the country must severely crack down on piracy and maintain the legitimate benefits of the original creators. Cosmetics showcases, clothing showcases, home appliance showcases, mobile phone showcases, jewelry showcases, etc. Why is Suzhou showcase lacked original design? At present, the designer of the mall showcase and display cabinet design industry Yu Long Mixed.

Many are not design professionals in mall showcases. It shows that the original design power of the Chinese shopping mall showcase is still weak. However, most of the exterior design of these showcases see the design of these showcases.

The so -called mall showcase refers to the cosmetics showcases, clothing showcases, digital showcases, boutique showcases, watch cabinets, jewelry showcases and other showcase products. It is rare to have an original exterior showcase. This shows that a problem is not enough in original design.

Compared with the design of foreign showcases, the design of Chinese showcases lacks seriously. This can be carried out from the side. Analyze.

The pursuit of greater profit for corporate profits, mall showcases and display cabinets are market -oriented. The original design of the mall showcase needs to invest huge research and development design costs, and the market lacks the original design product maintenance mechanism, which has led to the original design shopping mall display cabinet products to be plagiarized and counterfeit. The inverted with the output makes the shopping cabinet company not pay attention to the original design of the mall exhibition cabinet.

The thinness of China's original design power is the main factor that restricts the design and development of Chinese shopping mall showcases. Some shopping cabinets with a long -term development vision are committed to the brand building of mall showcases. They hope to create an enterprise brand influence through the original design of the unique shopping mall exhibition cabinet, and make the shopping mall exhibitors bigger and stronger.

At present, the product designers of most shopping cabinet companies can only deepen the renderings of the showcase, and can not be invented by the concept of the product. Although the threshold of plagiarism has crossed, there is still a long way to introduce the original design of the international design. The initial stage of the original design of the Chinese shopping mall exhibition cabinet.



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