How to do a good job in the decoration design of the mall display cabinet

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Suzhou showcase manufacturer tells how to do a good job in the decoration of the mall display cabinet decoration. The shopping mall is a large -scale trading place for our purchases. Good product arrangement not only brings us some pleasing mood, but also allows us to easily find the products we need.

From this perspective, the decoration design of the showcases and products is particularly important. The layout of the display cabinet of the mall should be lined with, the height is connected, and the staggered. If there are fewer and small display cabinets on one side, you can use bonsai, small furnishings and wall decoration to achieve the balance effect.

The display cabinet of the high shopping mall and the low shopping mall display cabinet should also be matched with each other. The highly consistent combination cabinet is rigorous and incomplete; the combination of the excessive ups and downs of the shopping mall display cabinet can easily cause a messy feeling. Therefore, do not close the door next to the low shopping mall display cabinets such as standing cabinets and low cabinets, so as not to produce a sense of imbalance.

Take the five -bucket cabinet, cosmetics display cabinet, corner cabinet and other shopping mall display cabinets as transition mall display cabinets to obtain vivid and rhythmic visual effects. In terms of the overall shape of the display cabinet of the mall, the main symbol and process processing of each shopping mall display cabinet are required. For example, in a set of shopping mall display cabinets, there is no square pillar, some are round, otherwise it will appear very uncoordinated.

At the same time, the detailed processing requirements of the display cabinets of each shopping mall. In the paint color, the paint color of a mall display cabinet also needs to be consistent. In terms of materials, it emphasizes its consistency.

After selecting the shopping mall display cabinet after the renovation, in addition to considering the combination of the display cabinet and the decoration effect, the location of the display cabinet placed in the shopping mall should be considered. Generally, the independent rooms are divided into three districts: the quiet area is far from the window, the light is relatively weak, and the noise is relatively small. It is more suitable for placing the flowing table and wardrobe.

The writing table and bookshelves are better; the action area is the aisle of entering the door. In addition to the place where walking activities, we can place a pile head, flowing platform, etc. in this area, etc.

Tip: If you have not changed all the display cabinets of the mall, you need. Communicate with the designer in advance, and cleverly design the old mall display cabinet in the appropriate space of the mall. First choose the shopping mall display cabinet and then decorate more reasonable.

Generally, the decoration step of the owner is to start selecting the shopping mall display cabinet after the decoration is basically completed. Wait. If the size is special, the time will be longer.

In addition, it is easy to get tired of the purchase cabinet procurement of the mall display cabinet and the layout of the shopping mall display cabinet after decoration. If you book a mall display cabinet in advance, you can reduce the waiting time. In fact, we all know that the style of the display cabinet in the decoration style is usually tired in the later choices, and there are some regrets.


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