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In the process of jewelry display cabinet, as non -professional consumers, how do they need to distinguish the quality of a counter? 1. Good or bad material models of stainless steel: Materials for stainless steel in the design of the jewelry shop counter are two models: 201 and 304 models. High -end jewelry brands such as Cartier Jewelry and Tiffany Jewelry are on the selection of stainless steel jewelry showcases.

It is 304 stainless steel, the jewelry showcase made of 304 stainless steel and 30%higher than the 201 stainless steel than 201. However, because 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel cannot be seen from the surface after the electroplating or water plating, whether it is 304 or 201 stainless steel, so in terms of materials, we recommend that customers choose according to their own budget. If the budget is higher, it is higher.

You can choose 304 stainless steel, if the budget is low, you can choose 201 stainless steel. Stainless steel jewelry showcase material thickness: During the production process of stainless steel jewelry showcases, many non -professional consumers ignore the thickness of stainless steel. In fact, for stainless steel jewelry showcases Is the problem of unequal unequal.

2. Stainless steel welding, polishing, polishing, and sewing are full of welding treatment. Good stainless steel jewelry showcases use full welding treatment.

The so -called full welding is to welded two separate stainless steel first distances, and then welded along the welding gap! If the polishing process is not treated well during polishing, after the color electroplating of monochrome such as rose gold and champagne gold, if stainless steel is completely polished (there is no welding point) There are obvious dividing line color differences in a area. This non -professional consumer is easily seen from the surface. From different perspectives, it will be obvious.

Another point is that if the polishing and polishing treatment is not good, the surface of the counter looks uneven. It will affect the beauty of the counter! The processing of the jewelry display cabinet sewing must also be done in the production program of stainless steel jewelry showcases. Good stitching lines are straight, and the corners are not bent.

The overall looks more neat and beautiful. 3. The quality of the stainless steel electroplating process is the process of the color of the stainless steel.

After the stainless steel electroplating is plated, the oil will be sealed for antioxidant anti -fingerprint. You need to know if the electroplating is good or not, the first one depends on the electroplating layer. If the electrophilizer is too thin, you can see the stainless steel primary colors with a hard matter.

It will immediately show the primary color of stainless steel. What can be seen is the color of the electroplating. If stainless steel does not need to be plated and maintains its original color, it must be treated with oil.

Under the condition of oil treatment, it is easy to rust on the surface by oxidation. 4. There are many details in the process of assembly.

Including the use of sliding rails, the bonding of glass glue, and the three major factors of the seam size of the pumping and stainless steel parts. The use of sliding rails, the thickness of the sliding rail determines the quality of the sliding rail, and the good sliding rail drawing is no greater sound and pulls the handles smoothly. If the sliding rail is thin, the gravity that can bear is less.

For the drawer of the stainless steel jewelry showcase, the life life of the thin slide rail will be bad for a long time. Therefore, the hardware accessories of the showcase should be strictly controlled. Stainless steel jewelry showcase Glass glue is very important for the appearance of a showcase.

The glass glue is very thin and thin, so carefully to see the point where you can't see it at all. The seams of drawers and stainless steel cabinets are also particularly important for the appearance of the showcase. If the seams are large, it will inevitably affect the aesthetics.

In summary, when choosing stainless steel jewelry showcases, we need to use the thickness of its materials, polishing and polishing treatment, the thickness of the electroplated layer, the descendant hardware accessories, and the glass glue. Definition. .


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