How to detect whether jewelry showcases are qualified

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

One: When buying a jewelry cabinet, or after being sent to the store, you can check the inherent quality of the jewelry display cabinet from the following aspects: high -density board sealing, drawer or keyboard's slide intensity, jewelry, jewelry The firmness after the cabinet is installed. The quality of high -density board sealing is a high -density board jewelry showcase. The component of the components made of artificial Sanmi made by artificial Saka must be border sealing.

The edge should be tight and flat. Stain. The edge of the wooden strip is prone to tide or cracking.

The triple -packed jewelry showcases are nail at the bag. Pay attention to whether the nail eyes are flat, and the color of the nail eyes is consistent with the colors of other places. Usually the nail eyes are sealed with putty.

Pay attention to whether the putty is drumped. If the drum is not explained, the slow I gum will fall out of it. When checking the edge, check the hidden parts of the jewelry display cabinet for inspection danger, such as the rear surface and bottom surface of the drawer side plate, the side of the shelf, etc.

Jewelry Showcase 2: The firmness after installation is also related to whether the jewelry display cabinet is qualified—An important indicator is that after the inspection method is installed, shake the jewelry display cabinet with your hands, you must not shake more obvious. There are two aspects of shaking. The species is: the shaking caused by uneven bottom; the other is the shaking caused by the installation of the jewelry display cabinet or the structural design problem.

If the bottom feet shake more than 2mm, there is a problem with the processing accuracy of the processing; after the jewelry cabinet is installed, the highest point of the structural problem shakes more than 15mm, then the installation or structural design has quality problems with quality problems. 3: When receiving the jewelry showcase, consumers should use the instructions and qualification certificates, and check whether the instruction manual is based on the instruction manual of the jewelry cabinet and whether the manufacturer in the qualified certificate is consistent with the name provided by the merchant when purchasing the jewelry display cabinet. Whether there is a manufacturer's address and contact telephone use instruction manual whether the execution standards, materials, model specifications, production date, precautions for installation, maintenance methods, general failure exclusion of the jewelry cabinet.

Jewelry display cabinet four: drawer or keyboard's slide intensity is the basic project indicators of jewelry showcases, (reference standards: QB/T2384-1998; QB/T2530-2001; GB/T10357.5-1989), national standard testing The method is to pull the limited number of drawers or keyboards to the maximum position. The drawers or keyboards without limited positions are opened to 2/3 of the total length.

At the top of the drawer panel or the center of the keyboard support panel, the application force is 350N. , Press Lo- (Figure 2), if the slider deforms or falls off, it can be considered that the jewelry cabinet is not qualified. When consumers check this indicator, they can pull the drawer or keyboard support as required and press the drawer panel or keyboard panel with the hand.


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