How to customize the mobile phone display cabinet that is suitable for your store

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The display cabinet custom manufacturer tells you how to customize the mobile phone display cabinet that is suitable for your store when you customize the mobile phone display cabinet, there are five important factors that cannot be ignored. Customized mobile phone display cabinets have always been concerned. So, what should we pay attention to when designing and making display cabinets in daily life? Let's take a look at them in detail.

Customization of mobile phone showcases 1. Customized mobile phone showcases should think about space mobile phone display cabinets designers should also consider the number of booth operators and the number of visitors. Booth crowded is not good, and some target customers will lose interest.

In turn, the empty booth will also have the same effect. In this regard, the volume of the booth is the main factor. How to customize a mobile phone showcase that is suitable for your own store 2.

Design the design of the design commercial mobile phone display cabinet from the target customer's viewpoint, especially specialty stores, medical examination stores and flagship stores, focusing on fashion, elegance and gorgeousness. However, in the mobile phone store in the business center, the success of this program depends to a large extent on the interest and response of the audience. Therefore, the design of the mobile phone showcase must be considered, mainly because of the intention, mood, hobbies, views, response and other factors of the audience.

Design from the viewpoint of the audience, simply leads to the attention and consensus of the audience, and leave a deeper image for the audience. How to customize a mobile phone showcase that is suitable for your own store 3. Custom mobile phone showcases need to think about the flow of people in the mobile phone store.

Maybe there are many audiences who can walk freely in the booth, but maybe only the audience who wants to choose to be close to the booth, and will also be able If you want to record the data and information of each audience, only the selected audience mobile phone booth organizations are key factor for the control of people flow exercise. Therefore, the designer of the showcase must understand what kind of people expect the company to participate in the exhibitors at the beginning, which can reasonably guide customers. 4.

Customized mobile phone showcases should be easy to build and easy to disassemble the booth structure. It can be installed and disassembled within the rules time. Construction and demolition construction time is generally determined by mobile phone store opening time.

The showcase designer should learn about construction time before the beginning of design. 5. Customized digital showcases should be cautious and not simply change the customized mobile phone display cabinet, consider thoughtful and complete.

Once the design of the display cabinet is discussed and approved, do not make simple changes, especially in the later stage. Change will delay construction, increase costs, and even affect openness. Accounting is often the source of opposition.

There is a lot of distance between accounting and design. As a designer of the showcase, it is necessary to afford accounting in reality and do a good job of designing and working in the accounting. If the account is not clear, it does not mean that there is no limit.

This can form a lot of costs. If there are too many design construction expenditures, the designer of the showcase should bear responsibility. Therefore, we must persist in clarifying the accounting specifications, controlling expenses, and organizing all projects and specifications beforehand.



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