How to choose the right LED lamps in jewelry showcases

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

What kind of jewelry showcase lights can it make customers more transactions? a) Ensure that the jewelry display cabinet is beautiful and eye -catching——Let customers come in. b) Make indoor light harmonious, beautify stores, create a stable and comfortable shopping environment——Let customers come without wanting to leave. c) Can clearly present the correct color of jewelry, show the detailed craftsmanship and real color of jewelry, attract customers' attention, and emit the most attractive light——Let customers love it and decide to buy it.

d) Reasonably select the light source, reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance——cut costs. Good lighting effect can bring better sales performance. And different jewelry requires different lights to cooperate, such as gold jewelry, emerald and diamond lights are very different.

When choosing light for jewelry stores, the factors that need to be considered for jewelry shops are light color, lighting, flashing, temperature, color performance, infrared fiber, ultraviolet fiber, etc. Of course, it is unlikely to take care of all the factors above. Generally, it is necessary to focus on color temperature, lighting, and flashing.

According to relevant data, jewelry can show the best appearance effect under the light of 3300 to 7000K color temperature. The factors that are paid special attention when choosing a light source: different degrees of lighting can distinguish the level and sales subject of the jewelry store; flashing refers to a reflection light emitted by the jewelry when the light is illuminated on the jewelry. When it is significant, the more dazzling the gemstone; color rendering refers to the correct color and clarity reflected on the item of the light.

The characteristics of the jewelry display cabinet jewelry itself have extremely high requirements for light sources: (1) extremely high lingering efficiency (80LM/W); (2) low heat radiation; (3) good color rendering; (4) light color color color color; (4) light color color color color; Uniform, colorful and realistic; (5) try to avoid losing luster and plastic crispness (anti -ultraviolet); (6) constant light color in the entire effective service life; (7) not sensitive to temperature changes; (8) Life is long, economical and durable; (9) Remarking lighting, commonly used light color: yellow light, neutral white and sunlight. How can I choose the appropriate light source? Taking diamonds as an example, there are roughly four professional light sources used in domestic jewelry stores: tube lights, gold halogen lamps, projected halogen lights (also known as quartz or cup lamps) and diamond light halogen lamps. Let's conduct a detailed analysis of the lights introduced above: jewelry counter (1) Tube light: The tube light is the light source that the jewelry must adopt during jewelry identification and procurement.

(2) Gold halogen: strong brightness, high light efficiency. However, the light is too dazzling and the color rendering is easy to make the diamond color distortion and aging, so it is not suitable for the lighting of jewelry showcases and jewelry window. (3) Project halogen lights: small and flexible, easy to control.

It can show the flashing of diamonds well, but it is still poor in color, yellowish light, and it is easy to make the diamond color distorted, and the life span is short. (4) Diamond light halogen light (4500K): This is a relatively professional diamond lighting light. The lighting effect of lighting is better, and the charm of color and cutting can be better.

Compared with ordinary halogen lamps, it has certain advantages. It is used in jewelry lighting. It also has problems that cannot be avoided.

Similarly, there are many episodes of ultraviolet rays and powerful radiation. (5) Now with the gradual maturity of technology, the unique effect of LED lamps has appeared. It has the characteristics of soft light and no irritation, rich light color, small thermal radiation, and easy to hide installation.

If they can be properly designed and combined with the lighting objects, it is inevitable to replace traditional lamps. .


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