How to choose the right jewelry display cabinet factory

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

How to choose a professional manufacturer is very important for the promotion of jewelry brand marketing. The manufacturer's selection and badness are directly related to the style and quality of the jewelry display cabinet designed and produced. So how to choose the jewelry display cabinet manufacturer? You can start from the following five aspects: the jewelry display cabinet No.

1 One: The importance of service. When selecting the showcase, you must choose a manufacturer with a relatively large after -sales service in order to get maintenance in time when problems can be repaired. Second: price.

Consumers must first have a general positioning of their needs, and then choose the authentic, quality, quality, and price in accordance with this positioning. Choose a company with a real price and do not choose a company that seems to be very discounted, because good product interest is also high, and manufacturers must adhere to their reasonable profit space if they want to survive. If the price of a brand is low or a large discount, a reasonable explanation is that the raw material is low in grade, the entry price is much lower, or its processing equipment is relatively simple.

Third: the concept of the designer. Companies with poor design capabilities do not have their own design ideas, they can only make simple styles; jewelry showcase Fourth: workmanship. Mainly check whether the jewelry display counters, door panels, boxes and sealing strips, and whether the collision strip is disposed of by the machine mold, and the positive and negative sides are suppressed at one time.

Good products will not be foam and deform temporarily. The closure of the sealing bar can cause oil, dust, and insects to enter. When checking the jewelry showcases, pay attention to observing its details, such as whether there is a small collapse of the plate of the board, which can reflect whether the opening of the raw saw is imported and the quality; It can reflect whether there are imported edge closures and whether there is an automatic tracking function; such as whether the hinge opening hole is smooth and smooth, which can reflect whether there are hinge machines, such as whether the door panel and drawer are light and smooth.

Quality, such as the flat level of the board, the smooth level of the tablet. Fifth: Acceptance method. Check whether the waterproof bar of the panel of the jewelry display cabinet is sealed and seal without water seepage.

The quality of the cabinet door hinge is also critical. Quality is related to the opening life of the cabinet door; whether the leveling device and screws of the ground feet are also inspected whether the ground feet and screws are anti -wet. .


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