How to choose a pleasant cake showcase

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Today, the baked goods are deeply loved, and more and more bakerys have quietly opened on the streets and alleys. A successful bakery must not only have spacious and bright shops, but also make mature baking west points, cakes, breads. More importantly, there must be a row of clean and beautiful bread display cabinets.

Good bread display cabinets are the winning victory to attract customers at first glance. magic weapon. The so -called bread display cabinet is a container used to display bread.

It is one of the important equipment for cake shops and bakery for store decoration. A successful bread display cabinet (cake cabinet) is made of cake showcase renderings, and the following points need to be achieved: 1. Throughout and reasonable use of unique space.

2. Complete the practical function of displaying products. 3.

The appearance is beautiful and novel, attracts attention, and gives customers a good impression. 4. CI requirements attached to the merchant.

A perfect display cabinet production, be sure to use "tempered" glass. This ensures the effect of the display, and it will not hurt people if the glass is broken! The design drawing of the cake showcase is the main carrier of the bread because the bread display cabinet is the furniture in the family. The cultural level and style of a family also show the economic strength of a family, and the design display cabinet is the same.

Whether it is a hypermarket, or the future competitive development trend of shopping malls and stores, it is positioning towards their own target market to establish a warm, infectious shopping, entertainment, and leisure space environment for their target customer groups. The display cabinet is the main carrier of the commodity in business, and it is also the main framework that constitutes the vision of commercial space. Different products have different display cabinets and functions.

The advantages and disadvantages of the design and production of bread display cabinets will directly affect the sales of the products in the store and the brand image of the enterprise. Therefore, the design of the bread display cabinet must be carved with the design furniture, grasp the design function of the bread display cabinet, and integrate the design elements and design ideas, ideas, and creativity. The conceptual change of store design: As far as the store design of modern stores is concerned, it not only includes its internal decoration, but also the overall image design, store entry design, signboards, window, landscape facilities, etc.

In modern cake shop design, the combination of internal and external image systems is increasingly emphasized. Therefore, in this design concept, the point that we must pay attention to is: first, the cake shop should be open and transparent; the other is to highlight the characteristics and business philosophy of your own store; the third is the distinctiveness of the overall style of the storefront. Cake display cabinet production picture below is the suggestion of the display cabinet organized by the display equipment: highlight the characteristics.

Grasping the taste characteristics is an important weapon for your dessert to be sought after by consumers. At the same time, you need to investigate the consumer population, design and produce dessert products that fit their tastes. Choose hot -selling products on a noodle cabinet or Nakajima cabinet.

After include important hot selling products in the customer's eyes, put some connected products around, expand the attention of customers in the store. The arrangement should be neat and orderly. The food placed on the bread rack should be placed in different categories, so that one of them is clear, and it is necessary.

To keep the cake cabinet, the cake refrigerated display cabinet is clean and tidy. For the above decorations and publicity ads, replace it regularly. The quantity should be placed in an appropriate amount.

The small and small items must not be noticeable, so the small commodities should fill this visual poor in the number. Of course, you can also use visual errors to cause a sense of product rich. For example, put a large mirror after the product display cabinet, and it looks like the product is full.


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