How to choose a Chinese medicine cabinet will be better

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The traditional Chinese medicine cabinet is new, and there are many styles, and the texture of the material is even more difficult to distinguish. I believe that many stores who want to open a pharmacy will not be able to start when facing a variety of Chinese medicine cabinets. How to choose a Chinese medicine cabinet that is suitable for our own store? So how do we choose! Xiaobian helps you answer one by one according to his many years of Chinese medicine cabinet display and production experience.

1. The appearance of the Chinese medicine cabinet A. Surface paint treatment, polish the flat surface layer after the shelves are forming, and spray a layer of paint directly, wait for it to make it naturally air -dry.

The surface layer of the Chinese medicine cabinet made in this way is slightly rough and the gloss is not good enough, but the price is cheaper, suitable for the price demand of ordinary pharmacies, more common. B. The paint process is more complicated.

It must be on the surface of the forming shelf three times and four face paint. The surface of the Chinese medicine cabinet produced is delicate and smooth, bright and bright, and the near -touch feel is warm and smooth, but the price is much more expensive than the spray paint technology. Generally, it is recommended to use it in the pharmaceutical flagship store.

C. In terms of style, the Chinese medicine cabinet and store style should be "coordinated". Fresh color matching will leave a clean impression on customers, deepen the sense of trust in pharmacy products.

D. You can also configure light boxes and floor cabinets when buying Chinese medicine cabinets. The light box can make the appearance of the shelf gorgeous and highlight the quality of the medicine; the configuration of the floor cabinet can enrich the color of the Chinese medicine cabinet, and at the same time with storage function, which can be stored in the drugs to facilitate timely replenishment.

2. The quality of the Chinese medicine cabinet should not blindly choose cheap shelves. It is necessary to combine cost -effectiveness and store needs, focusing on good quality: A.

Chinese medicine cabinets can intuitively see its texture and have the function of effectively improving the image of the store. B. The shelf design is reasonable and guaranteed; the stability of inferior Chinese medicine cabinets is poor.

The pharmacy has fragile and heavier drugs. C. Infinite shelves are usually dilapidated for 2-3 years.

Generally, it is necessary to update in about 5 years. The Chinese medicine cabinet has a longer service life. It has been durable for a long time.

D. The shelves will be made of real materials. It has a thick double -rib pillar and a thick layer of the plate, so that the Chinese medicine cabinet be load -bears the guarantee and protects the display of the drug stable.

3. The strength of the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet manufacturer A. Deep qualifications and a long -established shelves manufacturers have been tested by time.

The traditional Chinese medicine cabinet produced by such shelf manufacturers is a long -term industry experience summary design design Come out, often have more advanced equipment and technology. B. Choose a complete service manufacturer, not only can help you make the overall display layout, save effort and effort, but also save the design expenses.

The perfect after -sales is self -confidence in brand quality. C. Shelf manufacturers with brand strength will have their own teams to follow up the new pharmacy industry dynamics in real time and seek and develop traditional Chinese medicine cabinets that meet the development of the industry.

The above is the choice method of the Chinese medicine cabinet summarized by my own experience in many years. I hope it will be helpful to you. Thank you for reading, if you want to know more about pharmacy decoration and traditional Chinese medicine cabinets, you can click on the right online consultation.



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