How to adjust the paint during the production process of the baking display cabinet

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The display cabinet is a lot of contact with us. Among them, there is a kind of lacquer exhibition cabinet. How is the paint display cabinet designed? How should I adjust the color in the process of making the painting cabinet? 1.

When allocating complex coatings, select the coatings with the same properties to distribute each other. The solvent system should also be dissolved in each other. Otherwise, because the mixed solution of the coatings is not good, it will affect the quality, and even the seizure, distribution or collagen phenomenon, and cannot be used.

Essence 2. Using the slightly bright characteristics of the color paint film, the appropriate background color can make the color of the surface paint more obvious than the color of the original paint. This is based on the principle of natural light reflection.

One color, coating engineering is called“Transparent color”Essence For example, the yellow primer can make the redness more beautiful, the gray primer makes the red more red, the blue primer can make the black more bright, and the water blue primer makes the white more clean and white. Jewelry display cabinet 3,“From shallow to deep”, Especially when participating in strong coloring pigments, do not excess. 4.

When coloring the display cabinet, you need to be cautious when coloring. Generally, you can try the samples first. You are initially obtained by the number of coloring coatings, and then the big sample is prepared according to the small sample results.

First adjust the secondary and secondary colors in the small container. 5. First add the main color (the color with a large dosage and small color power in the color), and then slowly add the dyeing power (or color scheme), and constantly stir, and observe the changes in the color at any time.

6.“From shallow to deep”, Especially when adding strong pigments, do not excess. Paint display cabinet 7.

During color matching, there will be slight differences in the color of the display cabinet paint and drying film. Various paint colors are generally lighter when the wet film, and after drying, the color is deepened. Therefore, if the sample is a dry model, the coloring paint needs to be tested after drying; if the sample is a wet model, you can drop the sample in the color paint to observe whether the two colors are the same.

When choosing materials, it is necessary to depend on the specific situation of the showcase. At the same time, most of today's showcase production is combined with various materials, and there are further breakthroughs in shape and function. The content of the successful showcase must be considered in every shopping mall.

We can see the showcases of the displayed goods. These showcase production has been jointly discussed by the showcase factory and merchants. The characteristics are a combination of practicality and art.


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