How to achieve the best paint effect in the production of cosmetics showcases

Author:DG Master-Showcases manufacturer

In the production of cosmetics showcases, the most commonly used is painted paint, and matte paint is also an indispensable part of the painting cabinet paint paint. However, many times we will encounter such a situation. The paint effect comes out is better.

After the barrel is opened for a long time, the effect is not very good. Why is this? Is there any way to solve this problem? To solve this problem with cosmetics showcases, we must first figure out the characteristics of Yuguang Noodle paint composition. Usually, in addition to the basic composition of resin, solvent, assistant, etc.

in the composition of Yuguang Noodle paint Lighting powder. The lighting powder is not dissolved in the paint. Instead.

The proportion of lighting powder after fully moisture is larger than other ingredients. Therefore, after a period of time storage, Yuguang Clear Paint will slowly precipitate, and a large amount of lighting powder will accumulate in the whole bucket paint paint. The lower part, the closer to the bottom of the barrel, the more the volume of light powder accumulates.

When using paint, if the whole bucket of paint is not stirred or stirred, but not sufficient enough, it will cause a bucket of paint in different parts of the paint of the paint in different parts. Unexpected. Yuguang lacquer sediment is absolute, not sinking is relative.

Good sub -light paint allows precipitation, but it is better to use it after being fully stirred. If it is not placed for a long time, the lighting powder sinks a lot of dying at the bottom. It is made into a mass and is severely stratified.

It is difficult to evenly decorate the qualified effect after stirring. In this way, the whole bucket paint will be brightened when it is used at the beginning, and the phenomenon of its luster is getting lower and lower to the bottom paint. Therefore, before the paint is taken from the barrel, the whole bucket paint must be stirred with all the stirring rods from the bottom to the surface.

Pay attention to stirring when stirring. The stick should be pulled up and down, the mixing rod should be inserted until the bottom of the barrel is inserted, so that the sediment of the bottom of the barrel is fully mixed with the surface layer paint. At this time, remove the paint out and use it, and use the required ratio to be used for paint.

Only in this way can each use paint performance (including gloss, hardness, plumpness, and covering power) consistent. Through the above methods, the matte paint effect made by cosmetics showcases is very good. Whether it is new or open for a while, it can achieve the most beautiful effect.



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