How should the newly produced display cabinet be maintained

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The renovation of the store is completed, the exhibition cabinets of each store are almost complete, and customers have begun to make money. But to do a reasonable maintenance of the just -made showcases, the maintenance rate of each store will be greatly reduced. Here the Suzhou showcase manufacturer tells you a small gates for the maintenance of the showcase: the newly -made display cabinet should be scrubbed frequently because it is in its There are some residual glue around.

During your frequent scrubbing, these things will disappear, and slowly will become brighter, especially the surface cabinet of the acrylic board. However, the showcase made by aluminum -plastic panels is a bit picky. Pay more attention when scrubbing, because its surface is a layer of thin aluminum, which is easily scratched, especially the chassis showcase.

When taking the case, pull it, pull it, and pull it. Cover the aluminum on the surface in a few days, so be careful when you use the showcase. The exhibition cabinet factory building and professional dust -free spray paint room have strict standards in the application of materials, technology development, quality inspection and production process.

Workers, so the showcase can greatly improve production efficiency! The product design, production and installation of the product can be completed within the time required by the customer until the customer is satisfied. In the market economy environment, the competition of various products is becoming increasingly fierce, especially for many varieties of living products. In large shopping malls, it is important to have a eye -catching and unique display space.

few. Therefore, if you can use this one to display the world and make it more efficiently, it is a question that a professional company that is engaged in business decorations is concerned. The production of a successful showcase should include the following content: 1.

Practical and reasonable use of unique space; 2. Complete the practical function of displaying products; 3. Beautiful appearance and novel, attract attention, and give people a good impression at the same time; 4.

Follow the merchant to merchants; CI requirement. For example, the showcase is in a 3 -meter -wide and 2.5 -meter -high space.

It is surrounded by other display products. The glass partitions on both sides of this showcase are transparent, but also formed a more independent space with the light box protruding above. The arc design of the board makes the entire shape simple enough, but breaks through the stiffness.

In a small sight, it creates a lively and dynamic effect. A simple and stable cabinet plus the platform is enough to let go of all the products and speakers required. The wiring is also very convenient; the overall exhibition area is bright, the product is prominent, and the cost is cheap.

It is a typical successful work. The design and production methods of the showcase are extremely rich.


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