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Many people have seen the museum showcases, so do you know how to choose the museum showcase? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone: First: Choose the exhibition cabinet type (selected appropriate display cabinets according to exhibits and geographical location). First of all, you need to consider display design design. The requirements of the cultural relics, the characteristics of the architectural structure, the location of the placement, the long -term planning of the exhibition hall, etc.

Choose the type cabinet type. Can refer to the suggestion of the designer of Ruili Company. Second: Determine the weight of the exhibits.

The bearing capacity of the design base has a variety of materials and the outer surface of the base to choose from, such as steel plates, wood, stone, etc. The standard design is a steel frame base with a bearing capacity of 150kg/m2, and the outer surface is static spray -coating plate. Third: the type, size, location, the size of the exhibits, the habits of the operator, and other factors of the exhibition cabinet will affect the design of the display method of the showcase.

No matter what kind of opening method, we follow the purpose of being safe and able to operate independently by one person. Fourth: The choice of glass, we insist on using the mezzanine glass. The reason for preventing the use of single -layer floating glass or tempered glass production cabinets is that they are easily crushed.

The broken glass fragments will cause damage to exhibits, visitors and staff. The PVB layer in the middle of the mezzanine can keep the glass still maintain a complete structure when it is broken. And it has anti -penetration performance, which has formed a physical barrier.

In addition, the wavelength of 99%in the light outside the display cabinet can be filtered with ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 280 ~ 380nm, so as to protect the exhibits. The choice of glass varieties can be ordinary floating glass, ultra -white glass, and low reflected glass. Fifth: Lighting to achieve the best lighting effect, it is necessary to communicate with architects, display designers, lighting designers, and our technicians.

Professional advice will help you make the right choice. 1. The fluorescent light fluorescent lamp is the most common choice of graphic lighting.

It is characterized by high color rendering, realistic color reduction, and wide selection of models and color temperatures. But you need to do special ultraviolet filtration treatment. 2.

Low -voltage halogen shoots can achieve flat or key lighting. It is characterized by the convenience of replacement of optical accessories, can be adjusted, and the lighting angle can be transformed by selecting different light sources. But the same needs to do special ultraviolet filtration treatment.

3. The first choice for key lighting of fiber lights. From entering the museum from the fiber lighting system in the 1990s, to the current rapidly popular application, it is due to the following advantages of the optical fiber lighting system: this system consists of three basic components.

), Glass fiber beam, tail lamp head; luminous device can be placed outside the exhibition cabinet away from any position of the exhibits, so the calories it generates will not affect the exhibits; optical fiber bouquet visibility light does not conduct UV light, so the light shot from the lamp head from the lamp head It does not contain ultraviolet light and does not carry the calories of light sources; the number and location of the lamp head can be arbitrarily combined to achieve the best lighting effect; the lighting angle and direction of the light head can meet Except for gold halogen light sources, the other two light sources can be adjusted by illumination. 4. LeD light LED light can be a light rod form, or the form of a spotlight, or in the form of orbit.

With the development and maturity of LED technology, the range of LED lights is becoming wider and wider. Energy -saving and efficient, long life, and widely applicable installation positions make LED lamps more and more use in various exhibitions. 5.

As the best choice for the lighting of large display cabinets, the rail shooting lights can create a perfect lighting effect through lighting position, light source selection, lens selection, angle adjustment, and illumination adjustment. Sixth: Auxiliary Function 1. Comprehensive Management System (TCFA) Based on Ethernet Communication Bus Design, the exhibition equipment of the entire exhibition hall and even exhibition hall is integrated through Wi-Fi.

Through the application of various advanced technologies, it provides effective protection for cultural relics to the greatest extent. 2. Users can use the wireless touch screen (WHMI) to operate and close the door of the showcase.

3. The lighting module includes fluorescence lights, low -pressure conservation lamps, bleeding lights, optical fiber lamps, LED lights and other. These light sources can open or close or illuminate through the comprehensive management system of the showcase (TCFA).

This system also has a lighting scenario mode function: to save the illumination of different light sources. When using this combination. 4.

Install a large wall cabinet with an automatic hanging module, which can effectively improve the safety and convenience of the exhibition. 5. The exhibition cabinet using the nitrogen environment control module, the content of the internal oxygen can be controlled at a relatively low level, which effectively prevents the oxidation reaction from inconsistent damage to your exhibits.

6. Native pollution substances in the air in the exhibition cabinet, such as bacteria, microorganisms, suspended particles, and special corrosive gases, are important causes of irreparable damage to exhibits. The air filtration module can be automatically started after each showcase is closed, so as to filter out the dust and harmful gases of the showcase into the showcase; the air filter module can also be launched automatically when the air quality inside the display cabinet exceeds standards can be detected.

7. The comprehensive management system of the showcase (TCFA) can collect, process the environmental data such as temperature, humidity, illuminance, ultraviolet strength, formaldehyde content, suspended particulate content, etc. Remote customer reference.

8. Over the years, our R & D center has been committed to the research of micro -ring control in the showcase, including air exchange, relative humidity control, eliminating suspended particulate matter and pollution gases, simple and safe opening methods, filtering UV and infrared radiation, showcases Internal environment diversity, etc. All new structures, materials and lighting equipment have been strictly tested and inspected by our R & D laboratory before the production of the showcase.

Seventh: Environmental control showcase is a relatively closed small environment inside. We will create a stable internal environment of the showcase to ensure that your exhibits will not be damaged due to environmental factors. The basis for achieving environmental control and management in the cabinet is: the showcase has good sealing, and the materials used in the showcase will not become a source of pollution.

Inappropriate humidity is a key factor in damage to exhibits. In order to control the humidity in a constant range, we provide two options: 1. Passive humidity regulating agent, wetting plate or wet pellet.

They will absorb excess water in the air, control the speed of humidity changes in the showcase, so that the humidity in the showcase does not fluctuate in large fluctuations. 2. Active humidity control machine.

Electronic constant humidity machines can accurately control the humidity in the showcase. Whether it is required to dehumidify or humidify, the electronic constant humidity machine will start at any time to ensure that the humidity is controlled by the humidity required for the exhibits. The concept of constant temperature and humidity has been mentioned in the industry, but except for the control of the constant temperature constant humidity air conditioner, there is no more effective and easier way to achieve.

The CTH system we provides can be installed independently and realizes the constant temperature and humidity control of certain specific size spaces. Eighth: The security showcase is the last barrier to the audience when the exhibits are facing the audience. Our products can provide the following inner security characteristics: 1.

Locking device We recommend Ablay locks. This is a high -security performance lock. s brand.

Unique Master-Keyed Total Key Management System, which can realize hierarchical authorization management. For the showcases that are not suitable for mechanical locks or operations, we provide electronic locks and can achieve long -distance control. Ethernet -based wireless control electric opening system configuration mechanical self -locking electric opening mechanism.

The fingerprint recognition system can also be used as a choice for opening the showcase. 2. Choose different alarm methods according to the level of the exhibits, and open alarm method such as detectors, mobile detectors, glass crushing detectors, and vibration sensors.

Ninth: The color of the showcase color showcase can bring the audience the most intuitive visual experience. We provide color cards for RAL, Pantone, Goe, NCS, DIC, CNCS, Munsell and other color cards. Of course, we can also produce your unique personality showcases according to the unique color you provided.



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