How should the museum display cabinet be placed correctly?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

What kind of problems should be paid attention to when placing the museum display cabinet? This kind of product should consider the problem of light when placing it, because there are many exhibition cabinets that do not have the ability to prevent ultraviolet rays, and if the exhibition cabinet is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time The irradiation may affect the material, for example, it may cause the surface color to fade, or the speed of aging is too fast. So do not place it next to the window when placing it, or not often illuminate by light. In addition, do not toward the aisle when placing, because the aisle is where the customer enters and exits and exits.

If it is placed directly towards the aisle, it is easy to cause the customer to enter and exit. If you can place on both sides of the aisle, you can see the jewelry inside when the customer is passing by, and even let the customer want to buy. Pay attention to the height of the jewelery display cabinet.

If the height is too high, it is definitely not good. If the height is too low, it may be inconvenient for customers. Generally, it will be about sixty centimeters.

It is equipped with a ceiling headlight. Under the light of the light, the height of about sixty centimeters is exactly the height of a better reflection. At this time, the customer stands straight, and the light on the jewelry can easily reflect directly to the customer’s Inside the eyes, such jewelry looks dazzling, then it is likely to let customers choose to buy.

At the same time, pay attention to color matching. For example, jewelry may show some uniform colors. Gold is golden.

However, the jewelry of silver is crystal clear. Different colors of jewelry should be matched with different colors of exhibits cabinets of different colors. Use so that you can highlight the precious jewelry products inside.

When the jewelry display cabinet is placed, the issues that need to be considered are briefly introduced here. Of course Companies that produce this exhibition cabinet. This kind of company has been exposed to the production and production of exhibition cabinets all year round, and the layout and display of the exhibition cabinet, so the experience in this area is also quite sufficient.

When the exhibition regulations are performed, you can give the company some give some some of the company's giving some some of the company Reference opinions on placement are placed in accordance with the guidance of such professionals. In the end. .


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