How should the Chinese medicine cabinet be placed?

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Now, whether it is the hospital's pharmacy or ordinary pharmacies, and the pharmacy, we can see the figure of Suzhou Chinese medicine cabinet. People's awareness of health is gradually increasing, and it is increasingly recognized in Chinese traditional medical roads. In addition, the current Chinese pharmacy equipment is advanced.

They are all equipped with automatic decoction machines. We grasp Chinese medicine, put it directly in the pharmacy, fry it and pick it up, and even some pharmacies are in charge of distribution. It is really very convenient.

Unlike we bought Chinese medicine before The casserole is fried, and it takes several hours. Some people have to watch the heat. It is really troublesome.

People directly choose simple and convenient western medicine. The traditional Chinese medicine industry is also constantly innovating. Recognize and accept Chinese medicine, chronic conditioning, cure the standard and cure the root cause.

When we walk into a Chinese medicine room, we will see a row of Chinese medicine cabinets when we come into view. Most pharmacies Chinese medicine cabinets are placed against the wall, and the font of the doses is formed. The height is about two meters, and the width depends on the width of the actual wall.

There is no uniform specification. Most of them are one meter, two and one meters, and we have a simple understanding of the appearance of the Chinese medicine cabinet. So what are the principles of display? Let me briefly introduce it to you.

The traditional Chinese medicine cabinet should follow the top of the top, the middle fighting in the middle, and the basic principles of the sinking below. At the bottom of the cabinet, regular medication is placed in the middle part. Luoyang Suzhou recommends that you leave some empty fighting for backup when placing traditional Chinese medicine, and use it for maneuverability.

Generally, the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet on the market is a bucket of three -flavored medicine. When we place the Chinese medicine, we must place it in the volume according to the size, and the volume is getting smaller and smaller in order. It is also convenient to sort it in the outside fight.

We must also be placed flexibly on the premise of following this major principle. Chinese medicines with similar functions should be placed in similar medicines to facilitate the adjustment of medicines. The Chinese medicine cabinets purchased in our Suzhou generally send Chinese medicine scores.

The material can be directly sticking to the Chinese medicine cabinet, which is convenient and practical, making the classification clearer, and it is more convenient to find drugs. Today, the placement of the Chinese medicine cabinet will be introduced here. Welcome everyone to consult to buy Suzhou Chinese medicine cabinets.

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