How should museum showcases be cleaned and maintained?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Everyone has seen the museum showcase, so do you understand how the museum showcase should clean and maintain? The following is a detailed introduction to everyone: How should the museum showcases clean and maintain in the daily use process?. Everyone knows that the showcase is the most important container to display important cultural relics. It is important to maintain its unique gloss and brightness.

At the same time, if you grasp some wrong cleaning and maintenance methods, you may cause damage to the cultural relic display cabinet. Although it looks new and bright on the surface, in fact, some signature damage and the naked eye cannot be seen. Over time, there will be fine scratches on the glass surface, and then the gloss will decrease.

Next, Master Zhou of Liankang Cultural Relics Show Cabinet will give you a few problems in the maintenance of the showcase and which aspects that need to be paid to. I hope to help the majority of museum users. When cleaning up the museum showcase, we need to use a dedicated cloth.

The material of the cloth is generally high -end soft or fine -combed cotton material. Can't be too hard, the soft cloth will better protect the showcase of the showcase. Then when cleaning and maintenance of the cultural relic display cabinet, you must first determine the degree of cleaning of the rag.

After cleaning or wiping the dust, it is best to turn over or change a clean rag before using. 2. Wash the cloth every time you use it.

It is best to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean it. Because every wiping clip will attach a lot of return to the city or large particles. If you do n’t wash it out, you will scratch the glass surface when you wipe it next to the wipe.

3. Select special cleaning agents. Now the museum showcase is generally high -transmitted glass and metal cabinet or solid wood cabinet.

Then the glass cleaner should choose a high -quality and corrosive special glass water. When selecting, you can consult the manufacturer if there is any dedicated ones. When the cabinet cleaner is selected, we need to be different from the corresponding material.

Choose the corresponding special cleaner. 4. After the cabinet is cleaned, we need to take some maintenance measures, such as spraying some wax -resistant waxes, just like a car, we need to apply a layer of anti -oxidized protective film on the surface of the cabinet.

This can delay the aging of the showcase and keep the surface lasting light. 5. Professional technology is important.

Remember that roughness is fast. Whether it is cleaning or maintenance waxing, we need to operate patiently. It is best to wipe in the same direction when wiping to avoid wiping back and forth.

Because it is not easy to be scratched by hard small particles in the same direction. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to use the vacuum cleaner to absorb the surface of the showcase or on the nearby ground. Keep a dustless state.



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