How much does it cost for museum showcases to customize

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There are often customers asked, how much does it cost a square meter of museum showcases? In my opinion, this is a very ambiguous question. How to say? Since the museum display cabinet contains too many items, high cabinets, back cabinets, image cabinets, Nakajima cabinets, the first step is to vary in shape and size. Short, there is a different raw material.

The material can be used to use E1 -level flame retardant board, medium density board, triamine plate, etc. The surface treatment can be directly pasted with natural jewelry plates, roasted solid paint, glass has ultra -white tempered glass, hardware has the hardware that has the hardware of the hardware, and the hardware has the hardware. Iron paint.

The current museum showcase production only requires a flame retardant surface to stickers natural decorative plates, use iron spray paint, glass with ultra -white glass, and the technical level of the museum showcase manufacturer has reduced a lot. Now it can be discussed in detail. Step out the graphic design drawings, and lay out a reasonable layout.

After the graphic design map is rationally deployed, now it can be discussed to discuss the facade of each museum display cabinet. It is very important. The price is different.

It is necessary to invisible magnetic absorption. Now, there is no problem. How many pounds of the items of the museum display cabinet exhibition should be carefully considered.

Museum showcase production manufacturers for the precious cultural relics of the museum's showcase design exhibition. The wall shape of the design plan is different from that of different types and raw materials. I figured out that the island cabinet in each museum display cabinet, the museum display cabinet high cabinet, and the museum display cabinet wall wall created cabinet before the price came out.

So it is not to tell me how big the total area of ​​the museum is. We can prices out of the price of the museum display cabinet. The belonging to the routine customer in the whole process of bargaining.

As a real person, we don’t do such a thing. , Lightly marked the price, just earn the money you should make. There are thousands of households in the market for manufacturers of museum showcases in the market, and the quality of the product is uneven.

In the past fifteen years, we have been foolishly persistently unremittingly, persistently making real museum display cabinets, so that a large number of customers can use real and individual environmental protection museum display cabinets. 10 pits of display cabinets, display cabinet manufacturers-Huabo technology was established for fifteen years, 70%is exported to countries such as Europe and the United States and other countries. Selected our display cabinet in multiple world 500.

Not only do you not step on the pit, the same display cabinet price, you can also buy high -end display cabinets, jewelry showcases, museum display cabinets, booth cabinets, etc.


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