How is the shape of the museum showcase designed?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The shape of the museum showcase is very diverse and colorful. The shape of the museum showcase is also different from the showcases with different shapes and different cultural heritage. At the same time, it also gives the cultural relics a very good display platform to obtain the ideal ornamental platform.

The exhibition cabinet of the modern museum must have physical non -chaotic and sufficient load -bearing capabilities; the materials of the showcase must be solid, durable, fireproof, and anti -theft; considering the technical requirements of aesthetic visual effects, the glass of the showcase should be selected with water -free ultra -white glass. This glass will not cause color distortion. Although this window is a reflection of things, it is really a pursuit of a spiritual transcendence and an abstraction that makes the audience perceive and think about.

Through the cultural relics in the showcase, people are facing a new world of visual life, and through the novel emotions of visual experience to deny the mediocre daily experience, to achieve a unique aesthetic understanding through the sense of life, and to overcome daily life through public publicity. Everbrightness to personality. The exhibition of modern museums, the display of cultural relics in each area is not limited to the placement of the cabinet.

The concept of "convergence evolution" accompanied by the combination of the showcase and the showcase has gradually become a trend in the display of modern museums. It should be enduring and implied a variety of technology, which is a balance, exquisite, decentralized, and overall balance. The evolution of the design of the showcase reflects the characteristics and development trends of different historical periods of the museum, and also reflects the changes in the concept of the museum, and the changes in people's needs to visit the museum.

And better practice, which is of great significance for the people we are engaged in the design of the museum exhibition. The cabinet door of the showcase should be opened and placed on the cultural relics; and it is necessary to ensure that the display cabinet will not hurt the audience and the museum staff staff. "Sensory" is the most primitive and generated nature of human beings.

It is an instant wonderful experience, the depth of memory, and the shock of consensus. In this era of technology -dominated, the cultural relics display in the museum's showcase requires more and more sensory senses. Poetic, the lighting cabinet light plays the poetic builder.

People look forward to blending with that important and historic culture. The design of the showcase should minimize the impact on the nearby environment while protecting the cultural relics, and promote "human safety and exhibits safety". .


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