How is the jewelry showcase from the top of the showcase production?

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Nowadays, the development of the jewelry showcase industry is increasingly affected and restricted by more external factors. In fact, this is also an inevitable situation that the industry has developed to a certain stage. Regardless of the market environment It, ensure the normal development of display cabinet companies.

Among these development factors, the factors of the jewelry showcase production factory occupy a pivotal position. The design and production of the counter production factory design and make a high -end exhibition cabinet is to pay attention to the following major issues that need to be noticed. What kind of materials are the Cartier Jewelry Showcase First and the cost issue for the counter? How to use more and less? How to effectively use the remaining materials? How to use or repeatedly use existing materials? How to arrange the production process in organizational? How to make full use of existing resources to reduce the production cycle of the counter? How to reduce the work distribution of personnel without affecting the production process of the counter? How to ensure the quality of the display cabinet at the same time? If you can answer these basic questions quickly, it means that your jewelry showcase production factory has formed a certain scale and has many years of production and production experience.

In fact, the control of cost should be implemented in the details of each process, looking for problems from reality, and effectively controlling the cost of the display cabinet according to the factory itself. Cartier display cabinet second, the painting of the painting problem of the jewelry display cabinet in the counter construction factory is largely reflected in the process of paint. Not every factory has its own unique paint technology.

Some small workshops only manually paint paint paint paint There is no machine control, and there is no even a real paint room. Can such manufacturers produce and produced jewelry display cabinets are too hard in quality? In the construction of paint, the thick treatment of the materials, the treatment of color paint, the treatment of the primer, and the modification of the top paint, the production of the paint, the production of the showcase is a big step. Stainless steel jewelry display cabinet third, special environment in special environment, the problem of the exhibition cabinet handling issues will order jewelry showcases, and will not be placed at any time, without special selection seasons or days.

How can we make our showcases under bad environment, we Can you adapt well as usual? For example, the summer summer. In the face of this problem, we need to be more detailed in the selection of wood, and it is suitable to choose a more dry type of material, because if you choose a wood that has not been completely dry, in such a dry environment, wait for the water to evaporate the water evaporation. After all, we will make cracks and distortions; the paint should also be particularly cautious.

When the paint is used, it is necessary to add some materials that are easy to dry and can easily evaporate high temperature. It is best to choose to deliver in the morning or at night during the morning or evening. Jewelry display cabinet fourth, environmental protection issues, we know that environmental protection is not only a conscious.

The same is true for the processing of the jewelry counter production factory. Stainless steel materials and tempered glass, built -in LED downlights, and cortical products are just basic materials on the surface. They really want to achieve environmental protection.

Advanced stainless steel, use non -toxic and harmful environmental paint, try to use environmentally friendly wooden boards, etc. It can be said that the high -end of the showcase comes from environmental protection, and environmental protection is not overnight. It is necessary to continue.

At the same time, we must adhere to the awareness of environmental protection and make jewelry showcases from the perspective of environmental protection. In summary of the jewelry showcase, as long as the jewelry counter production factory pays attention to these issues, why not make the counter to make customers satisfied? Why can't make a jewelry counter that meets national standards and is good for health? This article comes from http://www.zhanshi888.

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