How can we design the perfect jewelry showcase that coexist art and quality

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As the jewelry showcase industry is gradually developing, the design and production process requirements of the showcase design and production process are becoming more and more stringent. Due to the uneven development of the domestic market showcase industry, the requirements of the style, level, culture, and creative design of jewelry showcases are also different. Qi, even different jewelry showcases are different from the standards of production companies.

No matter how the requirements of the showcases are changed, the main and second primary and secondary of the showcase production must be distinguished, otherwise they will pick up the sesame seeds and lose the watermelon. It is not easy to design a fashionable, high -end, and creative jewelry showcase. Especially under the pressure of competition in the market environment, the design technology of the showcase is getting higher and higher.

The more the more, it is essentially different from the traditional jewelry showcase design. In fact, making a showcase is like making clothes. You must tailor different clothes according to different people.

Only after careful consideration can we design the perfect jewelry showcases that coexist art and quality. The purpose of the first person's first jewelry showcase is clear, it is the main carrier of high -end products such as jewelry jewelry. Space is a more important factor in the design considerations of jewelry showcases.

In large shopping malls and shopping supermarkets, fashionable and elegant display space will have an unexpected effect. After all, in such a limited world, from the design, from the design, from the design , Color tone, space matching, construction difficulty and other comprehensive considerations and play a better display effect. How big is the display cabinet? What display props are used? Can the lighting effect be well displayed in a limited space? It is necessary to go through the detailed and precise measurement of on -site exploration personnel to carry out subsequent design and construction.

Whether it is a high -end large shopping mall, fashion department store, or shopping malls or jewelry stores, they must locate their products according to the needs of the market and build a warm environment atmosphere for their target customers. The jewelery showcases are more infectious and affinity. No matter how luxurious and high -end the so -called appearance is, it should be mainly based on the display effect of "jewelry".

And the showcase can only act as the role of "green leaf". Generally speaking, noble quality, elegant appearance, luxurious display effect, adding the desire to buy with jewelry shop customers. But not all of them are so hard -handed.

First, choose the main color according to the environment and light effect on the scene. In addition, it is also necessary to perform outstanding performance according to the main color. Outstanding layout and color tone can often achieve unexpected visual effects, thereby aroused the desire to buy the customers of jewelry stores.

Secondly, the production of jewelery showcases is to focus on the overall situation. The so -called overall situation is to carry out a reasonable spatial concept and atmosphere and color design according to the general environment of the scene, and then look at it. Detail processing design.

Many times, in the process of overall considerations, the possibility of space construction is often considered. While ensuring the unity of the style and art, it is better to achieve the space. We know that the showcase is used to display goods, and it must not be ignored in terms of practicality.

Remove rough and fine, simple and simple. This is the design principle used by designers. Of course, the prerequisite is that the practicality must be strong.

The practicality mentioned here is not just for product storage, but it is more about whether it can meet the needs of the market and meet the style of the times. Jewelry store market positioning, product development, functional layout and process design, management model and the overall layout of its supporting hidden projects for design and production. Otherwise, it is difficult to make people buy it.

After that, we also need to consider product characteristics and cultural connotation, as well as corporate cultural purpose. The gorgeous and brilliant appearance of the appearance is just an idol. The real long -term praise is classic.

Designers should customize the corresponding design strictly in strict accordance with the company's VI, CI, VIS, and Volkswagen's behavior, psychological, preferences, occupational types and other consumer needs.


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