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Jewelry showcase design and production of hard standard analysis, jewelry showcases are more of our usual contact, so what problems need to pay attention to in the process of design and production, and what kind of hard standards do our showcases have? Come and see. I. Jewelry showcase Cultural standard jewelry showcase design must have a highlight style and taste.

Among them, the cultural tradition of regional and nationality should have a natural manifestation. Reflecting the rooted characteristics of the development under the inheritance of history. Cosmetics jewelry showcases should highlight style and taste.

2. Jewelry Showcase Time Standards can also be called conceptual standards. The concept of the times is infiltrated with every cell that shows art design.

In the contemporary, the design of jewelry showcases should reflect the following points: new comprehensive concepts, human -oriented concepts, time and space concepts, ecological concepts, system concepts, information concepts, high -tech concepts, etc. Third, the integration of the integrity standard of jewelry showcases is the primary criterion for showing art. Uniform form, unified color, unified craftsmanship, unified style.

In short, the good design is very clear in terms of the order of art form. Jewelry display cabinet should be even more like this. Fourth, the creative standard of jewelry showcases The end of any art activity is to create.

Creation is the main feature of the new century. The creativity of the display design is mainly manifested in the novel of creativity and the originality of the artistic image. Fifth, the industry standards of jewelry showcases can also be called functional standards.

It is mainly about the unity of form and content. Jewelry display cabinet design is not the same as the design of cosmetics showcases. This unique image gives people impact, shocking, stimulating people.

This creation involves formal positioning, the imagination of space, the choice of materials, the peculiar structure of the structure, the treatment of color, and the novel method . 6. The environmental standards of jewelry showcases contain two layers of meaning.

One is the objective existence of any beautiful existence in a specific environment. The good design must be fully studying the product of "the neighborhood" and the product after the surrounding environment. It must be "good" in form in the form: Secondly, any good design will not cause environmental pollution, and it must meet the requirements of "sustainable development" basic national policy.

In short, a good jewelry showcase should adhere to the unity of content and form, the unity of the overall and local, the unity of science and art, inheritance and innovation. If you have to evaluate the design from a individual angle to show the design of good or bad, this angle is the perspective of aesthetic. .


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