Factors that determine the price of wooden showcases

Author:DG Master-Showcases manufacturer

As the main force of the traditional display cabinet, wooden showcases are widely used to display display of various products. Including clothing, jewelry, watches, accessories, food and other products that need to be displayed. When customer friends choose wooden showcases, they often decide to directly decide to produce in this factory or the factory through the price, especially for customers who cannot go to the factory on the spot.

! But I do n’t know if the quotation of the wooden showcase has a variety of small details hidden behind. Suzhou showcase manufacturers tell you the factors that determine the price of wood showcases. First of all, starting with more basic materials, the materials made by wooden showcases include: density boards, splints, large core boards, flame retardant density boards, and flame retardant splint.

Many customers and friends will think that the materials are so many categories. If you use a density board, it will also affect the price? Then the author can only tell you, you know too little, whether it is a density board, a splint, or a large core board, it is also divided into division. Good quality, high and low price.

Take the density board, the density board is suppressed by various waste. The good density board is meticulous and the price is relatively high. On the contrary, the density board with poor quality is mainly loose internal materials, and there are many miscellaneous debris, such as foam, garbage and other debris.

During the later use process, there are potential dangers that are easy to rot and rot water and structure deformation! Therefore, the choice of materials in the production cabinet production directly affects the cost of cost. The second factor is good or bad for the craftsmanship of the wooden paint showcase. I do n’t know how to distinguish the quality.

The thickness of the paint will also affect the cost of the production of the factory showcase. If the lacquer surface is thin, there are relatively few artificial artificial artificialness. The standard of the paint industry is two sides and two sides, and the paint surface grinded out of electrical grinding in the base oil process is absolutely flat, but there are more artificial artificial artificial articles.

Therefore, customers with oil conditions can go to the factory to check the development of each process. The third factor, the choice of hardware accessories will also affect the cost of the display cabinet production. It can be bought for 2 or 5 pieces of the same accessories.

If you want to use it as a customer, you can choose 5 yuan in the later life. Right. Many customers who do n’t understand have no requirements for the quality of hardware accessories.

As everyone knows, hardware accessories play a decisive role in the use of the later showcases. No matter how good the counter painting is, no matter how good the materials are used, the hardware accessories are not good. This is not good.

The showcase can only be a guy who can't see it, and brings many after -sales problems to the customer in the later period of use. Of course, during the production process of the showcase, the artificial quality of the showcase plays plays a decisive role in the quality of the showcase. Good labor costs are high, and the quality of the cabinets is certainly better.

It has a greater impact on the price of the showcase.


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