Eight major strategies for selection of new jewelry store address

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The choice of new jewelry store address has a set of strict procedures. For many friends who opened the store for the first time, we must comprehensively consider eight steps for opening their stores: new store development plan, market information collection, location advantages and disadvantages, determining reasonable prices, location practical evaluation, turnover of turnover, turnover of turnover Estimated, financial status analysis, post -after -to -post analysis. After the overall evaluation, choose the appropriate address according to your own needs.

A. The new store development plan should first formulate a new store development plan before developing a new jewelry store in a region. This plan is formulated to cooperate with the development plan of the entire company or individual.

Because the company's development plans in the same area will be largely different. For example, when they first entered a certain area, the first consideration is to establish a brand image in the minds of consumers. The number of new stores at this stage will be relatively small.

It will not pay too much attention to profits, usually choose a new store with a particularly eye -catching geographical location and large area. In addition, it is necessary to pay close attention to the expansion plan of the competitors. When competitors speed up the expansion, the company will also accelerate the development plan of the new store accordingly to maintain or even increase the market share.

B. Market information collection In order to develop a new store in a certain area, you need to learn more about market information in the region. 包括人口(人口数、年龄、男女比例、住宅人口分布);就业(就业人口分布数量、类别、来新店之便利性、主要办公大楼的固定和流动人口);购物场所(所在地区、营业时间、 Main customers); entertainment (location, use rate, years, appearance, business hours); transportation (total number of passengers, passengers of stations); competitors (locations, relative advantages and disadvantages, estimated turnover); The government's plan and regulations (restricted construction, future plans, highway changes); commercial dynamics (economic growth rate, unemployment rate, new project), etc.

In the collection of market information, the most important concept is the business district. The business district refers to the sales area that is centered on the site of the new store and a certain distance from the surroundings. B.

Jewelry showcase C. The advantages and disadvantages of the location of the location are evaluating the quality of a place. Generally speaking, the evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the location is divided into the following four types: super points——It is the focus of attention in the business district.

Its visibility and closeness are particularly prominent. It is an excellent place in the entire business district; point A——It is a good place for everyone in the business district, but its visibility and closeness are not as good as super points. A very small place in this business district is superior to its——Located in the less conspicuous position in the business district, many locations in this business district are more superior;——Similar to point C and B, the conditions are worse in closeness and visibility.

In this business district. D. Determine the reasonable price according to the evaluation level, area size, time factors, building structure and appearance, the rent price of similar properties in the business district, etc.

, and determine whether the asking price of the owner or the agent is reasonable. The level of location rent or price has a great impact on the future profitability of the new store. E.

Local practice evaluation is not all good locations suitable for opening specialty stores, especially for various types of specialty stores, whether various practical factors that need to be considered can meet the requirements of the requirements. F. After conducting a business district survey and location analysis, the turnover is estimated to choose a similar specialty store for comparison.

It is estimated that the new store is distributed every hour, daily, and weekly. Estimated the monthly turnover of the new store. If the opening of a new store may affect the turnover of other specialty stores in the company, it is also estimated that the impact of the new store on the old store specialty store.

G. The financial status and financial status prediction and analysis are extremely important links in the location of the new store. In this step, we must focus on evaluating the various financial indicators of the new store, including profitability, total development costs, investment return rates, investment recycling periods, capital guarantee, capital guarantee Turnover, contribution profits, cash flow, etc.

H. After the analysis of the new store after the post, compare the estimated turnover and various financial indicators to the actual reality to check whether each step in the new store selection is correct. The address selected after the eight steps are the most suitable.

The profitability of opening a new store is the purpose of every company and individual merchants. Blind store opening will only become a burden. After choosing the store address, the next step is to position the style and decoration grade of your own jewelry store, choose the appropriate decoration plan according to your own financial resources, and stand out among many peers.

The jewelry showcase inside the store needs to be matched with the overall decoration style and has its own personality, so as to attract more consumers to buy. This article comes from http://www.zhanshi888.

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