Do not enter the misunderstanding of the maintenance and maintenance of Chinese medicine cabinets

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I believe that many pharmacy operators have such concerns about the solid wood cabinet of Chinese medicinal materials -the problem of the little worm in the solid wood cabinet of Chinese medicinal materials is very headache. Naturally, this is related to the material of the solid wood Chinese medicine cabinet, but the most important thing is to use some anti -moth -proof and insect -proof countermeasures. I will introduce some ways to avoid solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets from insects scratched by insects here.

1. Solid wood Chinese medicine cabinet surface paint material. Use tung oil, tree gum paint, or facial paint to carry out paint on the surface of the solid wood cabinet to block the woodworms and gas, so as to achieve the purpose of insect -proof.

However, it should be noted that during the paint, the front, back, left and right sides and inner cavity should be well -proportioned. 2. When the sun is bright, put the solid wood Chinese medicine cabinet of the woodworm when the sun rises, and use a soft brush or a cotton yarn to dip the diesel engine.

Once, until the pagoda worm died in the cave, then cleaning and drying with a detergent. 3. The solid wood Chinese medicine cabinet does not need to be placed in the area where the sun is ill.

If the release time is too long, it is very easy to cause the back color, more serious and even fall. In addition, the central air conditioner and electric heating device should be eliminated. If you have a few potted plants in a room with a central air conditioner, or put a aquarium that can maintain room temperature to prevent water from volatilizing and digesting and absorption on the Chinese medicine cabinet.

4. When placing the objects at the solid wood Chinese medicine cabinet, the soft film should be padded and the vertical gently is used to prevent damage to the surface of the Chinese medicine cabinet. In the usual cleanup work, everyone must also pay attention to wiping solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets.

It should be used for clean and soft cloth. It is strictly forbidden to use sharp lumps to touch the bank counter to reduce the damage and gaps in the Chinese medicine cabinet. In several aspects, it is very easy to prevent moth, it is not easy for you.

There are raw materials such as artificial marble, fireproof plate, stainless steel plate, flower steel, wood and other raw materials on the Chinese medicine cabinet. There are different ways to clean up the raw materials. Artificial marble and stainless steel cabinets cannot be used for cleaning towels, bearing steel balls, chemical raw materials or steel wire brushes.

Wipe soft cotton towels, water or glittering agents, or wipe the soft towel, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion. The fireproof board cabinet can be wiped with home installation solution, soft brush or polyester ball, and then wipe it with a cotton towel with cold and wet. Natural marble cabinets should cover soft cleaning towels instead of second goal cleaning liquid, otherwise it is difficult to remove white spot disease.

If the display cabinet is woody, the dust removal equipment should be added first, and then the system log is maintained with a wet cloth or dedicated washing solution. No need to apply wet cloth and oil cleaning supplies. The materials and cabinets of the door frame and the door are basically the same, so the maintenance and cleanliness of maintenance and cleanliness are basically the same as the cabinet.

There are four wrong ideas for the cleanup of Chinese medicine cabinets. It should be noted that wax spraying cannot be used to clean up the jewelry display cabinet and the maintenance of leather products fabric sofa. The maintenance of the leather products fabric sofa has led to the errors of many housewives.

The salesperson understands in the exhibition cabinet that the exhibition hall's medical care spray wax can only be sprayed with the surface of the kitchen cabinet with a wooden exhibition. The interior space design of the exhibition cannot be sprayed on the sofa. This is because the leather sofa is actually the skin of small animals.

After spraying wax on the sofa, the skin pores of the skin will be blocked. With the change of time, leather products will be brittle and reduce their use period. In addition, some people can make the display cabinet look brighter.

Some wax products are immediately applied to the display cabinet, or the error operation will be made, but it will make melasses on the surface of the display cabinet. Do not wipe the dust on the surface of the showcase with a wet cloth. The dust is composed of chemical fibers, gravel and silicon dioxide.

Many people clean up the surface of the showcase with a wet cloth. In fact, when this subtle particulate matter wipes and wipes, it has already destroyed the paint of the display cabinet. Although this kind of scratch is not large, and even the eyes are not visible, with the changes in time, they will make the surface of the display cabinet more dull and dull.

When wiping the showcase, you don’t need to apply not to smooth cloth or clothes that are not worn. When wiping, it is best to wipe the showcase with cotton towels, cotton, knitted fabrics, or Farary velvet textiles with good water absorption. Try to reduce the application of old thick cloth, line node or sewing or buttons on the surface of the display cabinet, which causes scratches to cause scratches.

切勿应用肥皂液、清洁液或清理水清理展柜;肥皂液、清洁液等清洁用品不可以合理除去展柜表面积灰,也不可以在打磨抛光前往除二氧化硅颗粒物,因为他们具备一定的腐蚀, Will destroy the showcase. The surface of the display cabinet makes the car paint of the display cabinet darken. In addition, if the water penetrates into the wood, it will also cause the wood or partial deformation to reduce the use period.

Many display cabinets are suppressed by plywood equipment today. If the water penetrates into it, it is not easy to grow mold in the past two years, because the indoor formaldehyde and other preservatives have not evaporated thoroughly. However, once the preservatives evaporate, the water of the wet rag will cause the exhibition cabinet to grow mold.

If the house with a lower building, the showcase in the home will grow mold every year. .


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