Do a good job in the five points of the jewelry counters.

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Speaking of jewelry shops, it is not particularly unfamiliar with everyone, and many people are impressed by it. Sales and customers' impression of this brand, so how do we design jewelry counters in this way can we increase the sales of jewelry and effectively enhance the brand image of the company? So, the next jewelry counter factory- -The exhibition cabinet factory will give you a specific explanation! Jewelry counter one,“quantity”As the primary principle of jewelry display, it is to pay attention to“quantity”the concept of. The display of goods seems to be plump, the product display must have a sense of quantity to attract the attention and interest of customers, and bring the greatest visual impact to customers.

two,“easy”“easy”Take, easy to take, and easy to restore are also one of the requirements for jewelry display display. Easy to take Yi Yi Yi is one of the conditions for good display. If it is not convenient to get it, or it is very troublesome to take it back, it will increase the time for picking up the goods, then the good -looking display is just beautiful.

Sales cause trouble. Jewelry display cabinet three,“color”Requires jewelry stores to be required“color”Matching. Causes the impulse to buy, the product is beautifully packaged, visual impact, pay attention to the color matching of the product display, the combination of the hot and cold tone is suitable to avoid different goods of the same color, causing visual confusion.

Four,“Knot”Request jewelry shop“Binding”,attract consumers. Generally speaking, when consumers enter the jewelry store, their eyes will involuntarily turn to the left, and then slowly move to the right. This is because people are always habitually in the order from left to right when they look at things.

Therefore, the new products displayed on the left side of the jewelry store should be as attractive as possible to allow consumers to stay. At the same time, because people are accustomed to writing with their right hand and walking on the right, in people's subconscious, the things on the right side are safe and reliable. Therefore, using people's shopping habits, jewelry stores should put some main products on the right to accelerate sales.

Jewelry counter five,“set”Require the same category products“set”Show in the neighboring shelves or location. Similar goods should be displayed in the neighborhood, making it easier for customers to find the products they need. In summary, we need to pay attention to five points when we design and place.

At the same time, we can effectively increase sales and increase brand benefits through these five points. Then when you buy a design manufacturer at the jewelry counter, you need to examine the strength and experience of the manufacturer to ensure that our counter has the effect it should have!.


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