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Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The development introduction of the industry is the image of physical stores in physical shopping malls and goods display of physical shopping malls in the physical enterprise. It is today's hard demand for business, and it is the high quality needs of today's business society. The display is ever -changing, and it is developed and designed on demand.

Therefore. Throughout the streets and lanes and shopping malls, any of them are sold out with items. The specific physical display is the display cabinet, but the size, appearance, and shape of the display cabinet are different.

For a mobile phone store, eliminating the roof and ground, the others are mobile phone cabinets, mobile repair platforms, mobile phone accessories cabinets, and cashier counters. These are the products we make; for a jewelry shop, the jewelry counters are almost their shop decoration All of them, including the glowing characters, decoration, and ceiling on the wall, we can all do it; general shops are inlaid from the wall to put the cabinet on the ground, and then to the reception platform to receive All of our products. Enterprise image exhibition hall display, exhibition hall items display cabinet, and display related to the display are our products.

Therefore, as long as there is a real economy, we have our products, and virtual economic enterprises also attach importance to display, such as the Science and Technology Exhibition Hall and the Enterprise Image Hall. All display cabinets in the Suzhou area of ​​China Unicom are made by us. The cabinets in the Unicom mobile phone store in Suzhou Street and Alley are our company products! Of course, we also do a lot of mobile, telecommunications store cabinets.

Cobos (one of the larger cleansing electrical manufacturers in the world) is also our customers. There are many customers like this, and there are many similar or larger customers waiting for us to dig. The companies in our industry are concentrated in first -tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

There are fewer second- and third -tier cities, so our development potential is unlimited. In addition, Suzhou is a city with very developed economic development. It can be sent to all parts of the country.

At present, many large customers are sent to many countries in Europe and the United States in many countries in Europe and the United States. 有别于一般装修公司,我们诚鸣是有自己的工厂生产制作,诚鸣目前生产的产品有各类展示柜台、亚克力托盘支架、背景灯箱、发光字、超薄灯箱、收银台、受理台、 Boutique display cabinets, open experience cabinets, etc., all products accept customization.

Because of focus, the development of the company has always been based on the recognition of customers. Due to a lot of customer support, we have been continuously expanding production. While expanding production, we sincerity from the source of the design to the production to the factory installation.

The company implements the full quality tracking record of the company. In the process of development, the company set up a single expert group according to different industries to collect industry information, research industry trends, and plan industry display and production. All efforts are only to provide customers with reliable and professional services.

Gradually opened up "bread cake food", "pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical room", "mobile digital", "cosmetics", "car", "jewelry", "clothing", "clothing", "glasses" design and production professional channels and decoration channels. .


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