Different shapes of stainless steel jewelry showcases characteristics

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Stainless steel jewelry showcases can be divided into six types: arc -shaped, straight, corner, high, low, and alien. The characteristics of these six jewelry showcases are introduced from the aspects of advantages, disadvantages, prices, and difficulty in making and processing. I.

Arc stainless steel jewelry showcase 1. Advantages: beautiful shape, fashionable and generous, good display effect and high grade, you can stand in the middle of the stainless steel jewelry showcase to communicate with multiple customers at the same time to reduce the workload of sales staff's workload. 2.

Disadvantages: The area is large, and it is only suitable for large -scale jewelry stores. 3. Price: curved stainless steel jewelery showcases are more than 1.

5 times the price of the direct exhibition cabinet. The average price is between 3,000 and 6000 yuan per meter. 4.

Difficulty in making and processing: It is difficult to produce and process, and the arc -shaped production has high technical requirements for welding. Stainless steel jewelery showcases II, pretty stainless steel jewelry showcases 1. Advantages: simple and generous, space savings, wide range of applications, not only suitable for large jewelry stores, but also in the jewelry store in the mall.

2. Disadvantages: a single style, you can't show the grade of jewelry well. 3.

Price: The lowest price in stainless steel jewelry showcases, the average price per meter is between 2500 yuan and 3,000 yuan per meter. 4. Difficulty in making and processing: The difficulty of making and processing is low, and the allowable size error can be relaxed appropriately.

Picture of stainless steel showcase III, corner stainless steel jewelry showcases 1. Advantages: use in combination with the pretty stainless steel jewelry showcase, you can change the direction, so that the entire batch of the showcases will be connected into a whole. It is an indispensable showcase in the jewelry store.

2. Disadvantages: Can't use it alone, but can only be used with a direct exhibition cabinet. The style must be the same as that.

3. Price: The price per meter is between 2500 yuan and 3300 yuan per meter. 4.

Making and processing difficulty: The difficulty is slightly higher than that of the pretty stainless steel jewelry showcase, mainly because the position of the corner must be guaranteed 90 degrees. Fourth, the three stainless steel jewelery showcases of high, low -oriented, alien stainless steel jewelry showcases belong to the jewelry display cabinet, so they summarize their characteristics together. 1.

Advantages: beautiful shape, exquisite, more decorations on the showcase, high grade, mainly used to show very high -end jewelry. 2. Disadvantages: less dosage, the maximum number of use in each jewelry shop will not exceed 4, and even small jewelry shops can not be used in such showcases.

The production cycle is longer, about one week than the processing period of ordinary jewelry showcases. Stainless steel window showcases 3. Price: higher price, generally pricing alone.

The price range of each showcase is about 3,000 yuan to 12,000 yuan. 4. The difficulty of making and processing: the most difficult processing, it is necessary to design and make it alone, and the requirements for production accuracy are very high.

After reading today's content, I believe you have a deeper understanding of stainless steel jewelry showcases. .


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