Design specifications of museum showcases

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Many people are not very clear about the design specifications of museum showcases, so let Xiaobian introduce it to you today! 1. The style requirements are equipped with different forms of display cabinets according to the display requirements of different cultural relics, including independent cabinets, along along the alongs Wall showcases, overlooking showcases, etc. 2.

Exterior requirements 1) The showcase should be designed in conjunction with the exhibition hall exhibition, and the overall style of the exhibition hall should be coordinated. The visual effect should be good. Color to be determined.

2) The exterior lines of the showcase are straight and straight, the surface is smooth and flat, the coating color is consistent, and there are obvious defects such as no scratch, dew, deformation, etc. 3) The design of the lock function should be safe and reasonable, and the lock eyes are more hidden. 3.

Technical requirements 1) Framework structure: The skeleton of the showcase adopts a standard metal profile structure, which has considerable self -weight stability and anti -impact stability. Non -fixed display cabinets can easily move, adjust the level and stability of stability, stability and stability. 2) Open the system: According to different cabinet types adopt different scientific and reasonable glass doors, the cabinet can open 70%of the glass door.

3) Conversion: Considering the special attributes of mural exhibits, the display cabinet is required to be the overall closed structure, and the dedicated closed profile and silicone sealing strip. The showcase seal, the commonly used materials are organic silicon. The surface requires smooth, no obvious mechanical impurities.

4) Lighting device performance: The lighting device of the display cabinet has the protection function of exhibits, which can block ultraviolet rays and lighting heat. It can also be repaired without opening the display cabinet door. 5) Safety performance: use the imported museum special high security performance lock, the material of the lock body and the key is super -hard -hard wear resistance and rust -proof material.

6) Maintenance management performance: The temperature and humidity control system and the lamps of the display cabinet need to be checked and maintained regularly, and other maintenance does not require other maintenance. And the temperature and humidity control system and the installation of the lamps have separate space. The temperature and humidity control system and the lamps do not need to open the cabinet door during maintenance, which will not affect the display space environment and facilitate maintenance.

Museum showcase display effect: In order to allow the cultural relics to play the best display effect in the exhibition activity, museum showcase manufacturers use the special glass of museums with high cost performance on the showcase. There are many stronger, the higher the light transmission rate, the more people can watch the cultural relics in the showcase. In the same position in the showcase, more people can see more people see the cultural relics inside the museum showcase.

The excellent design of the lighting system can further strengthen the display effect of the museum cultural relics. Museum showcase manufacturers arranged the number of firearms and top lights in the museum display cabinet according to the characteristics of the cultural relics. The reasonable layout and the automatic light control system can make the display effect of cultural relics achieve the most.

good. The protection of cultural relics in museum showcases: The well -closed design of the museum showcase can better protect the cultural relics, and the museum showcase has good closedability to enable the museum showcase to better play in the constant temperature and humidity system of the museum. Microbial biological damage to the cultural relics inside the museum showcase.



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