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Design characteristics of design cultural relic showcases 1. The basic characteristic feature museum display design of the museum display design is essentially different from the creation of "pure art". Comprehensive display system.

This design process has the basic characteristics of the following three aspects (1), and the museum display design with dual thinking museum display design has the characteristics of dual thinking of image thinking and logical thinking. Imageization is the most basic feature of the museum display design. If the display design of the museum cannot impress the audience from the image sense, then even if the exhibition object has a deep connotation, it cannot be accepted by the audience.

However, the characteristic of the image is only the first step in display design. Behind the colorful image display is its inner logical connection and cultural chain. Therefore, in order to deeply influence the audience in the design of the museum, on the basis of fully visualization, the inner logic connection of the exhibition products must be tapped.

(2) Museum display design has a multi -dimensional characteristic museum display task is very complicated, involving discipline knowledge and its extensive. From different perspectives, I have a different understanding of the display design of the museum. Therefore, when displaying in the museum, its multi -dimensional characteristics must be considered, thinking of multiple aspects, and seizing its main tasks and basic contradictions.

(3) Museum display design has the characteristics of comprehensive art. First of all, the museum display design has the characteristics of time art. Time is one of the most important and basic elements that museum exhibits to be considered.

Second, the conscious shape of the museum exhibits is the external characteristics of the exhibits. In the museum display design, you must first consider what the visual image of the exhibits is displayed. Third, the display design of museum exhibits also has the characteristics of video art.

The museum's exhibits are displayed in a certain light, so the art of styling must have the characteristics of the image. It is worth noting that these three comprehensive features are not separated independently, but are closely integrated together. 2.

The basic requirement of the museum display design is the museum to display collections for the society, and a form of exhibition form that turns the content of the text into a display display. Throughout the process of raising, the display design is systematic, overall, clear and creative. (1) The overall requirements of the museum display design requirement of the general requirements of the museum display design are based on the starting point of the building venue, and the display content and exhibits.

Complete unity. Display content determines its artistic expression form. The exhibition art design should maximize the artistic form and characteristics of the exhibits according to the needs of the display content, so that it can achieve the unified and harmony of the form and content in order to be recognized by the audience.

A successful display design should have originality, break through the traditional display thinking mode, and achieve clear personality, outstanding themes, creating a reasonable space environment and elegant artwork. (2) The content and concept of the museum display design requires that the display design is generally divided into two parts: exhibited art design and display of the exhibition. The outline of the display is the specific embodiment of the theme of the display.

Display outlines are mainly treated with the structure of the display content, and it is the central work of the content editing stage. Displayed art design, involving scope of display facilities, exhibits, exhibition hall environment and visit route. The design of the display content is mainly to consider the refinement of the theme, the setting of the display goals, the spread of display information, and the communication and interaction with the audience; Image to express the society, history, and cultural background of exhibits, and try to use visual communication methods to express the depth of the depth of emotions and attitudes of display.

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