Design cabinet design: Showcase daily use maintenance skills

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Design cabinet design: Daily use maintenance skills of display cabinets are the necessary items in our store. The master designed by the showcase will divide the boards, and then start nailing. This is the second step of the second step after the display of the material determined by the customer during the production process of the showcase.

The display cabinet manufacturer is mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets, and other stores to display products, storage products, has an appearance personality, powerful function, and also has an advertising effect. The role of the best showcase of your personal company's store. The role of the display cabinet factory is to make up for the defects, including nails, gaps, and other uneven places, and then use 240#sandpaper to smooth the supplementary atomic ash and pork blood ash Then, the transparent primer is closed, and after the paint is dry, it is polished with 240#sandpaper, so that the surface of the showcase will be made smooth and flat.

What are the issues that we need to pay attention to during our daily use? What skills do we have in daily maintenance? Let's see the following content. The selection of display is mainly used in the storage of shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, boutique stores and some store goods. It focuses on beautiful and unique, strong appearance, and has a clear advertising effect to achieve better profitability display and provide More brand products with good sales platforms.

Enterprises can show you all kinds of design and production personal or company stores, and various unique window and display cabinets. The newly -produced display cabinet is often scrubbed, because there are some residual glue around them around. In the process of regular scrubbing, these things will disappear, and more and more light, especially the display cabinet of the acrylic board, the more light.

But the exhibition cabinet made of aluminum -plastic board is a bit picky. Pay more attention when scrubbing, because the surface is a thin layer of aluminum, which is easy to scratch, especially the cabinet showcase. When taking the box, pull it back and forth, and scrape the aluminum on the surface in a few days, so be careful when using the showcase.

Of course, the regional factors also include the compatibility of the showcase and the placement, as well as the coordination of the color, placement, and lighting of display cabinets and underwear series products. This is consistent with the concept of color science. It should help the matching of various colors more harmonious, and determine whether the user's visual experience should be based on the solemn, modern, fashionable, new generation or other positioning.

Specifically, the coordination of the product and the display cabinet should give people a sense of logic, not that there is a big gap between the two, which will make it difficult for consumers to remember in different store information product. .


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