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Speaking of the specifications of Chinese medicine cabinets generally refers to the total width, height, and thickness of the cabinet door. The small level also includes the specifications displayed by the window display of the top of the Chinese medicine cabinet, the specifications of the Chinese medicine cabinet drawer cabinet, the Chinese medicine cabinet drawer counters The specifications of the drawer cabinet, etc. After many years of sales market experience, everyone has clarified that the specifications of the spot trading category of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets include the following categories: 1.

The total width of 1.20 meters is 0.6 meters thick and the height is 2.

15 meters - -The horizontal five vertical and eight structures (111 flavor) 2. Total width 1.40 meters thick 0.

6 meters high 2. Two meters -the horizontal six vertical nine structures (150 flavors) 3. Total width 1.

47 meters thick 0.6 meters thick 2.15 meters high -horizontal seven vertical eight eight eight Structure (155 flavor) 4.

Total width 1.57 meters Thick 0.6 meters Height 2.

15 meters -the horizontal seven vertical and eight structures (155 flavors) 5. The total width of 1.70 meters is 0.

6 meters thick 2.15 meters high -horizontal seven vertical eight structures (155 flavor) Chinese medicine cabinets are often each each of them. The application of traditional Chinese medicine stores and its traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, of course, has its advantages and the standards they follow, which everyone needs to understand from its design plan and its system.

The design scheme and system of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets are grasped from the overall design, the design scheme of the parts connection point and the selection of their raw materials, and the dryness of the wood. I. Master Design (1) Reasonable layout and design scheme In the reasonable layout design plan, it must reflect the provisions of the modeling design, but also consider the cargo effect of the Chinese medicine cabinet When everyone took the Chinese medicine prescription to the Chinese medicine store liquid, I met the kitchen cabinets of the small drawer cabinet that placed neatly placing Chinese medicinal materials, and there were different drug names outside.

This small drawer cabinet was equipped with Chinese medicine. The utensils, named "Yao Dou". Because the types of traditional Chinese medicine are as high as five or six hundred higher than all of all, and the material is dense, how much uses the amount of use, the difference between the effects and the effects must be reversed.

As far as Chinese medicinal materials themselves are concerned, some are similar, some names are similar, and some are more expensive, so that the quality of this quality is different, and the types of traditional Chinese medicines are effective in order According to many years of practical activity experience exchanges, the industry has sorted out the regularity of storage of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine, which is called "score". Therefore, the Chinese medicine score is the regularity of the sequence of the storage of Chinese medicinal materials. The editing of each pharmacy score is not completely consistent, but it is consistent.

The design scheme of the Chinese medicine cabinet should attach enough attention to this regularity, and the size and layout of the effective design of the drug bucket should not only reflect the multifunctional nature, but also the rules of the law of the reasonable layout of the furniture and the beauty of art. (2) In the overall design of the connection point, the design scheme of the parts connection point is different from that of many contemporary furniture. One of the characteristics of traditional furniture is different.

One of the characteristics of traditional furniture is to use the exquisite and accurate tenon -and -mortise structure. The components are inseparable from the composition and connect to the starting one, and it becomes a solid overall. Traditional carpenter processing technology has always been a desirable side of traditional furniture.

Proposed design ideas of carpenters are like a tenon -and -mortise structure with bloody legend. The tenon -and -mortise structure is created as a distinctive processing process, and has a long history. my country's traditional furniture (very very Ming Dynasty furniture) can often achieve today's standards, and it has an immediate relationship with the application of tenon -and -mortise structures.

It is also an appropriate application of this kind of proper structure. Praise of engineering architecture art masters. New Chinese -style furniture is often called traditional furniture, and the tenon -and -mortise structure is the key.

Another characteristic of the tenon -and -mortise structure is that they are intertwined with each other, and the convex and concave is different. This is exactly the core concept of the key sociology of the yin and yang theory of traditional Chinese medicine. 2.

The relative nature of the processing process is to choose a variety of artificial plates to make flat furniture. The processing process of solid wood furniture is much more complicated. The materials regulations are very high, and the requirements of solid wood plate selection, air -dried teeth, seams and other regulations are strictly stipulated.

If a certain process process is strictly closed, the small cracks, frying patterns, and loosening are loosened. Therefore, maintaining solid wood board furniture is also more valuable than flat -flat furniture more valuable. Pay attention to the following aspects of solid wood board Chinese medicine cabinet: (1) Selecting Chinese herbal medicine materials from the raw material is derived from the passion of the green plant, which is the same as the solid wood board.

Production and processing raw materials can best reflect this kind of harmony and unification-. (2) The large characteristics of the large wooden panels of wood is that the water absorption is very easy to crack with no manpower wood. Therefore, choosing the wood that has gone through manpower to the local equilibrium water content below is a necessary choice.

The item, the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet's reliability regulations on the specifications of furniture are very high. If the product is slightly deformation, it will eventually cause the bucket cabinet to open the difficulty and even unable to pull it. The climate conditions of different regions will be different.

The water content regulations after drying the wood are not the same. Therefore, when manufacturing traditional Chinese medicine cabinet furniture, the harm of various regions should also be taken into account. It is precisely because of such strict design schemes and processing processes that the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet has obtained universal application in the traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing industry, and it has shown a very large convenience to the medicine.

What are the elements that endanger the price of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets? I. Board: The entire board of the Chinese medicine cabinet is basically high -quality cold -rolled plates. The thin plate is thinner and more thickly thick.

The overall welding and welding structure. 2. Style: According to the total number of Chinese medicines and their customers, it is very required.

Generally, there are dozens of styles such as 60 buckets, overall 2 doors and 50 buckets, 2 doors, 3 draws 47 buckets, 30 buckets, etc. Their basic color is jujube red and gray. 3.

Specification models: Because each customer's requirements and the total number of Chinese medicines stored are different, the specifications of Chinese medicine cabinets are different. It can be seen that the price of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets is not the same. The key and specifications of the key and the specifications of the products are inseparable, so their price is not the same.

When buying goods, customers should pay more attention to the quality of the goods, and whether the specifications and specifications are in line with the regulations, rather than the problem that pays attention to the price. .


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