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People rely on clothes, and Buddha depends on gold. Often consumers will decide whether there is shopping desires based on the decoration of the store and the display in the showcase. So the design of the showcase is particularly important.

How can we show the better impression of consumers in a limited space? Pay attention to the following elements: 1. The design of the showcase design needs to be considered in the design process of regional factors. Refers to the shape of the shape of the display cabinet and how to arrange the position between each part.

The preliminary perception of these features is the primary factor that should be considered during the design of the showcase. Of course, the regional factors of course also include the fit between the display cabinet and the placement position, as well as the coordination of the color of the display cabinet and the color of the underwear series products, placement position, lighting and other aspects. This is consistent with the concept of color science.

It is necessary to help the matching of various colors more coordinated, and use product positioning as the main determination to give users the visual senses to be solemn? Modern sense? Fashion? The new generation? It is still other positioning to coordinate with the design color of the showcase. It is specifically reflected in the coordination of the product and the display cabinet. It's hard to remember your products in different store information.

2. The design of the showcase needs to consider the aesthetic factors. If you have good sex, you can better send the meaning of the brand to express the brand to express the overall sense, such as relaxed, pleasant or elegant and solemn, etc.

3. The design of the display cabinet needs to consider furnishing factor. The brand is not only the object of furnishings and sales, but also these products are also integrated in the atmosphere of entering the store, and in the store as an indispensable role.

A static information, which will be largely converted into visual dynamic information to affect consumers' consumption behavior. Therefore, the design of the showcase must be integrated with the furnishings of the product, so that the display cabinet and the product furnishings reveal the sales of the product, so Successful product furnishings and display cabinets are also a "static salesman". On the premise of grasping the furnishings information, the principle is that the principle is to classify the products that are categorized and the recommended products that are recommended, and classify high -end, mid -range, and resist products.

In the furnishings, the principle Give conspicuous positions for key products, give strong visual feelings, etc. Only by fully considering the above problems, communicating with communication, and gradually carried out showcase design can we produce excellent products. It has been deeply cultivated in the decoration industry in the showcase, and has a deep understanding of the business models and various styles of the exhibition cabinet.

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